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Sorry I’m a newbie with Proffie. My other sabers are CFX and I just got a new cross guard installed with Proffie 3.9. As I was trying to change colors and styles on a font, I lost that font and it doesn’t come up anymore. I now have a duplicate of another font in its place. Is there a way to recover a lost or deleted font? Please let me know if anyone can help. sorry for the dumb question, don’t know who to ask. Thanks.

Were you trying to edit things with edit mode or edit things on the SD card with a computer? If you’ve deleted the font from the SD card and don’t have a backup or link from where you got it then there’s not really anything that can be done (Always a good idea to back up your SD card!), if you were using edit mode you can either look through the edit mode controls to figure out how to put things back, or you can simply delete the .ini files off your SD card to revert everything.

I did enter edit mode temporarily but exit right away. now the saber says that edit mode is not supported. My installer sent me a config file and I backed up my SD card previously. I’m just trying to get back to my original config, and then figure out how to change colors on all three blades and change blade styles? thanks for trying to help.

So have you tried uploading the configuration?

In order to change blade styles on Proffie you have to edit the configuration file and upload ProffieOS to the board using the configuration. You can change colors using the color change menu, and you can move things around with Edit Mode, but for completely new styles you’ll need to upload.

With Proffie, the configuration becomes part of the software running on the board, so you can’t just copy the file to the SD card, you must setup and flash ProffieOS to the board.

The usual links for getting bladestyles:

Fett263’s Style Library
ProffieOS Style Editor

You can open up the configuration file in a text editor, manually copy in the bladestyles, setup and configure Arduino and drivers for flashing, and that whole setup process is described here with information on how the config file is laid out so you know how to edit it here, and preset-specific info/description here.

While it’s possible to do it all manually I’d recommend using ProffieConfig to do it since it automatically sets everything up and provides a nice interface for editing the config, and you can upload from it without bothering with setting up Arduino.

Thanks for all the info provided. Looking up the links you sent now. I have downloaded Arduino to my Mac but haven’t used it yet. What’s the easiest way to just go back to the original configuration that came installed with my saber? Are there step by step instructions available on how to do that? Thanks again.

If you haven’t uploaded anything you can delete presets.ini and presets.tmp from your SD card to revert to defaults.

Just back up your SD card first to be safe.

Then I recommend using this page, follow step-by-step and read through everything.

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Thanks Fett. Yea I just want to go back to the way it originally configured. I did save my SD card files. Not sure why I was able to enter edit mode temporarily and now I can’t.I will look at your instructions and give it a try.

That doesn’t make sense to me, are you sure you entered Edit Mode? Post your full config and we can have a look.

Once you get Arduino you can hook up to Serial Monitor and see what is happening when you press buttons, it might give some helpful info as well.

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Ok where can I post my config? it’s pretty big, I do have Arduino installed on my Mac. Not sure how that sound font got replaced by my first listed font on my SD card. Now it’s duplicated and the other one gone.

Thanks again for your time Fett. sorry I’m such a newb. but willing to learn.

removing my config file

pastebin.com works best IMO

SD card is too big, can’t upload here.

I don’t need your SD card contents, the config is all that is needed, looking over it now.

Hmm, well to start off your installer didn’t read or understand how to set up Edit Mode, so that’s your first problem. You’re missing the “common” folder in your presets, it’s required for my prop and Edit Mode.


{ "AWAKEN", "tracks/DarkSide.wav",

should be:

{ "AWAKEN;common", "tracks/DarkSide.wav",

And there needs to be a “common” folder on your SD that contains the Voice Prompts. Without this set up Edit Mode does not work.

So, you didn’t actually enter Edit Mode, instead you probably hit the buttons for Edit Font or Copy Preset, which can be fixed by deleting presets.ini and presets.tmp from your SD card.

Beyond that, your installer loaded up styles that only partly work with Edit Mode (and actually partly “conflict” with Edit Mode, so even if you fix the “common” folder issue, you’re still going to have problems with Color Change and most other editing functionality.

See the Set Up Instructions on this page:

Especially make sure you have the “common” folder with Voice Prompts on your SD, as this is required with my prop so that everything works correctly.

If you’re trying to edit things and/or want things to actually work correctly, I would rebuild your config using my tool and library, I don’t think your installer understands what they’re doing TBH. It will handle the syntax and make sure things are set up correctly, you’ll want to regenerate styles from my library.

Just watch the video at the top and then read through the instructions and make your selections. I would disable the Change Font, Change Style and Copy Preset controls so you don’t have to worry about them.

Then use the updating page linked above and set your saber up to actually work.

You may want to reach out to installer and inform them, they are producing configs that don’t actually do what they’re supposed to, they may want to join this forum and learn about the product before taking someone’s money, just sayin’.

We can help you out, don’t worry about being new, the tools I’ve linked will walk you through everything but feel free to ask questions as you go.

Keep a backup of your config, but I think you need a new one, this one has too many issues to address easily.

Wow. there is a common folder on the SD card with .wav files and two sub folders with more wav files. not sure if you need to see it or the card contents. reconfiguring my saber is a daunting task for me. maybe that’s why when I enter kyber dial sometimes the blade change colors and sometimes the blade styles change, and sometimes the quilon changes but not the main blade. not sure what’s up with that.

so there’s no way to recover that lost font other than reflashing the board with either the old config.h or creating a new config?

There are three ways to “lose” a font:

  1. program the board with a config which doesn’t have that font.
  2. delete the font from the SD card (or somehow corrupt the SD card contents so that the font doesn’t work or cannot be found.)
  3. Use edit mode or ProffieOS workbench to remove the preset for that font.

For (2) the solution is to fix the SD card.
For (3) the edit is saved in presets.ini & presets.tmp on the SD card, so if you delete those, it goes back to how it was before. You may also loose other edits you made though.
For (1) and (3) any way which adds a preset for your font will work:

  • you can re-program the board with a config which has the extra preset
  • you can use the ProffieOS workbench (if your saber has WebUSB enabled) to create the preset
  • you can use edit mode (if available in your config) to create the preset.

Note that in every case except (1), you can also get the style back that went with your font. In the (1) case, the style is not recoverable unless you have the old config file.

The styles your installer set up conflict with each other, this will cause difficulty with color change and edit functionality, hence my recommendation to rebuild the config and upload if you need these features. The config uploaded currently will give you trouble with editing and color change.

Open you SD Card contents
Delete presets.ini and presets.tmp from the SD
Eject and put the SD back in your saber
This should revert everything to default, but the difficulties with Color change and editing will persist until the config is fixed to work correctly.

Removing presets.ini and presets.tmp just restores to the unedited version of the uploaded (original) config.