Korbanth OBI3 w/ ECO-CC Chassis Install

I am looking at the wiring for the Neopixels and for this chassis it uses 2x SCW V3 Hilt side NPXL’s and 1x SCW Blade side PCB’s. This is just for the hilt, not counting the blades PCB’s. Looking at the SCW NPXL manual, would install the first Hilt Side NPXL in the V1 configuration, since its inside the hilt, and the second hilt side NPXL in the V2 configuration since its in the emitter of the hilt?

Second question: It appears the proffieboard v2.2 has a built in resistor for the neopixel data wire D1 so I would need to remove the resistors from the SCW hilt and blade side NPXL PCB’s is that correct? Both the hilt side NPXL’s come with some installed, I was planning on using D1 pad.

@Bobby_Susenbach is this how you did yours?


Thanks for any feedback!

Answer to second question: It’s usually harmless to have more than one resistor, as long as the total resistance is less than ~4k or so. (So, don’t use more than 10 resistors…)

Having resistors in the blade helps protect the blade from shorts, so I definitely recommend having that, even if you have a resistor in the hilt.


I left both my resistors in both hilt-side pogo pcb’s and wired both in the v2 (parallel) config. Ive been told the extra resistance doesnt really effect performance of when it comes to data lines.

Thanks for the responses! I ended up wiring the first one bypassing the neopixels and the second one with them in parallel.

That will work. I debated doing the same way.

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