Track not playing

Sorry if this is a bit of a nub question. I did search up and couldn’t find a solution. I finished this build and it’s mostly working :wink: However I can’t figure out why my soundtrack file is not playing on a long press of the power or activation switch. If I am correct that is the default button setup for a 2 button config. I tried both with saber on and off. I have 7 profiles all with sound tracks and none of the profiles play the soundtrack file. I am not using any custom button configs, just the default. I even have a default sound font in the profile list that doesn’t play the mars.wav on long press so I am thinking its something with the button config or possibly hardware though the button is working for other things. Below is a copy past of a soundfont profile from my config and a picture of the sd card file directory. I think they are ok.

{ “MaceWndu”, “MaceWndu/tracks/BattleOfHeros.wav”,

I was just going from the proffieboard v2 manual on how the buttons work.

Thanks for any help!

Ok I figured it out, I had a issue with my SD card directory formatting.