Is there a v3 mini in the works?

I am thinking of a paired down smaller board. With all the power of the big sister with less IO ports. Basically with 3 data pins 2-3 buttons. one to three led power ports. speaker and battery. So it can be put into smaller /thinner spaces. So it can handle most installs. like the example as this as the max installed in it. no extra bells and whistles like bluetooth and oleds, then you would defer to the normal proffie.

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I’ve toyed with the idea of making a V2 mini.
2-3 FETs, no booster, and use a BGA version of the STM32L433 and see how small I could make it… :slight_smile:

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That would be welcome at least by me… As I am discovering that what I want out of my A180 blaster build (a removable battery in the shape of a mag)would benefit from a smaller board. Problem with that is proffie is wider than the frame. And I think most proffie builds don’t need all the IO of the full sized proffie. This is just me vetting out Ideas. But a smaller board I think would be welcome by the community. Hey even just a USB C would be welcome by the community.

also I have 2.2v on kicad but its not playing nice with the libraries. Also I can do simple pcbs but I haven’t even attempted something like this.

The ultimate goal of a v2.2 mini woiuld be something that fits in wands and sonic screwdrivers. but I’m not sure I can get it that small.


OH! In the rough idea pic, the proffie on its side. That would be crazy thin and small. and very tiny.

So don’t think of that as a layout. Its a profile shot. If you can get in a wand or a sonic thats pretty small… Like I said, if it can still be used as a saber, it would probably be used in like half the the proffie builds.

And I am thinking of a rainbow harry potter wand now. lol

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“on it’s side” ?
Not sure I follow.

Its a side view not top down.

Why not the WLCSP49 its a 3x3 chip. and the balling isnt that much smaller than the bga?

That might have been what I was thinking of when I said “BGA” actually.
It’s been a while since I was poking around with the mini board.

How does 28x12.7mm sound?

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Sounds smaller and thinner, always welcome. I am excited to see what you got. I am working on a version as well. To see what I can do. if anything. . I am using easyeda. As the Kicad library system give me a headache. I am going to work on it a little each day. Baby steps.


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That sounds great. I am trying for a 11mm or less with my board but 12.7mm sounds great.

BTW really dumb question will the programer work with this chip or is there something I have to change? I am still learning here. I am somewhat out of my depth here. but I can follow a circuit diagram. make more basic circuits.

What do you plan to do about the sd card reader?
The SD card reader won’t fit on 11mm.

USB programming will still work.

"I’ll try spining, thats a neat trick. " I am thinking of rotating it 90 degrees. it might not work, and there are many different SD card holders out there as well. like this fun one. There is other options that may work for my specific use case like flex cable and mount the sd and usb in a differ part of the chassis.


If you are seriously going to do the proffie mini v2.2 or mini v3. I will 100% try it out. I am just doing a backup and learning more about the board as I go. and allow me to customize other solutions in the future. I just want to say, a 12.7mm width board will probably work great for what I currently need.

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Turns out that the hardest part about making a mini proffieboard is finding a place that makes HDI boards without charging an arm and a leg. Also, figuring out what is allowed and what isn’t allowed in an HDI PCB seems to be a very dense jungle. Why can’t all PCB manufacturers be as simple as oshpark? As it stands, the simplicity of oshpark is so much better than other PCB makers that I don’t even try other places until I need something that oshpark can’t do. And when that happens, I usually end up frustrated and annoyed.

I used once because they had white boards option. Although, they didn’t put copper around my floating ground pogo pin hole :frowning:

I have tried both but osh is better. I mostly use them for neopixal stuffs.

Unfortunately, none of the oshpark services are good enough to route a 0.4mm-separation WLCSP49. Not even their fancy new 6-layer service, and not even if you break their 5/5 width/separation rules.