Is it possible to use arrays for blade styles?

I’m using a proffieboard v2 for a starkiller saber with 4 blades(main blade, accent, crystal, button box). Implementing styles for every blade takes up a lot of space on the board so I’m searching for a possibility to save some space. As of now I’m running out of space bc I’m using a few greyscale fonts for the accent and main blade plus repeat button effects on multiple styles. Defining an array for styles that I use repeatedly would help a lot

Have a look at Using functions.

Thank you so much, sorry I didnt find it myself. Saving style codes to the SD is impossible right?
This would allow so many more styles on one saber

No, your SD only holds sound files and .ini files. Styles are programmed onto the board.

If you’re wanting to fit more I recommend using my Style library to generate all of your styles. The styles in the library are optimized and you can build “Option” styles to fit even more.

You want to avoid mixing version syntaxes as this wastes additional memory. Typically, greyscale styles are using OS5 syntax and are quite large. If you want to fit more I would generate equivalents in the OS6 library (most greyscale uses styles from the OS5 library, you can find the equivalent style in the comments of the code).

My OS7 library will feature optimized versions when released, which will further allow for more to fit.

Thank you so much for your help.
That sounds great I’ll try replacing the greyscale style codes with yours, all the other ones are from your style library. With your “using” commands I’ve already freed a lot of space. You’re doing such great work for this community thank you for your time. I’m excited to get deeper into it once I’ve got more time with university. I’m especially interested in implementing special abilities including secondary ignitions

You’re welcome, still working on the OS7 library, it’s a big update to make everything visible.

Here’s my config on how i got 4 blade styles trimmed down // ProffieOS7 Config File#ifdef CONFIG_TOP#include "proffieboard_v2_config.h -