How to add new proffiles/styles to a ultraproffie board?

Hi i am trying to follow this video turtorial on how to add a new profile/style using fett263s website onto a ultraproffie lite board, no one has said it cant be done, and the dev states that all proffie styles are capadable to the board which in the style editor Style Editor the code im trying to use works and the style im trying to put on the board works in the editor


THE ISSUE im having is the tutorial is out of date and updated to where i cannot find a way to add in the style code on the new proffieos.ino source code with the ultra proffie lite, in the ultrasaber turtorial , he is able to add in style codes from fett263 however the updated file does not have a STYLES_LIB_H file in the code making it confusing to folllow the turtorial , any advanced user would be amazing for some help on this as i havent found anyone willing to look into if it possible and not cop out of this challenge by simply stating it isnt possible without technical resoning :slight_smile:

ultra proffie is the ultrasbers fork of proffieboards/proffieos. It’s not the “new” way, it’s the alternative way. I suggest you ask ultrasabers about how to do this.

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“the dev states that all proffie styles are capadable to the board”

If by “Dev”, you mean Ultrasabers, this is not completely true.

“Ultra” ProffieOS is a fork that is 2 years old. Which means that it is not updated with the newest features of ProffieOS.

So if you are using Fett263’s Style Editor, OS6 and older will work fine. OS7 and newer, which use any new features from ProffieOS7 or later, will not work on “UltraProffieOS”.

If you can re-upload / replace UltraProffie with the latest ProffieOS, then it would work fine. But IDK the full details of the changes US made to Proffie (looks like something to do with power voltage) so it may or may not work.

But yea, I would contact UltraSabers or go on their forums and ask them.

The “UltraProffie” uses a different chip and hardware in general, so ProffieOS would almost certainly not work on it.

i would like to inform everyone on how helpful RSX engineering has been in helping me add fett263s Thundercat style to my saber of omens from ultra sabers , they absolutely do not deserve the hate they are given, the fact so many big names assumed that it was impossible/had no resources to bridge the gap of a open source software is baffling, following ultra sabers tutorial will allow for older proffieboard styles codes to work on a ultraproffie.

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Nobody said (certainly not me) it was impossible, we simply didn’t know how because we don’t use their products.

I’m glad you got things sorted, but I have to say I find your expectations that members of this community would know details of a technology they don’t use to be unrealistic.

It would be helpful if you provided details about how you solved your issue so perhaps others might come across this thread and would find some information of use.

The Ultrasabers fork of proffie was created without the knowledge of members of this community, and without any sort of collaboration, and it’s heavily modified. Sure, it’s open source, but at that point you’re essentially asking people who work on one open source project (ProffieOS) to provide support for another (effectively) unrelated project that’s maintained by a for-profit company (UltraProffie).

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You have this backwards, as noted they created a fork with no real discussion with this group before, during or after (with the exception of a couple of posts and unfulfilled “promises” a year ago).

This community develops and supports ProffieOS, the main branch. We’re not involved in any way with that fork (or other forks for that matter) so how can we be expected to know or help with something someone else forked and heavily changed.

For the record, the issue in the community is the vendor, UltraSabers, not the development group. I’m glad you got yourself sorted out, enjoy the saber. We’re all saber fans here but if you really research UltraSabers as a vendor and their history within the saber community, coupled with the unfulfilled promises thus far, you’d understand where many of us are coming from.

Their hardware is not open source and it cannot run ProffieOS, which is what we’re supporting here. The open source hardware, Proffieboard and it’s software ProffieOS we can easily help with, not their propiertary board, processes or forked OS. They took the Open Source OS and heavily modified it for a proprietary board so we rightly sent you to them for support.

And the use of “Proffie” name on a proprietary board without discussion or permission from its creator by a vendor with an extremely sketchy past, in no way endears them to those of us who did the work and contribute to the main OS and support the users of the open source board and the main OS. It’s on them to provide better information to the people who’s money they took, it’s not on us to learn how to support their customers for free. We already donate extremely large portions of time and energy helping the main OS and the real Open Source community here.


in my opinion they took the open source proffie and made it easier to use and edit than a proffile board as it is pre fabricated with firmware/syles/included tutorials ect, streamlining the way a board is put together makes it a lot easier for the average person like me to edit and use custom styles and the fork they created is by its nature going to vary from the original source code as it had variations put in place to attempt to make something this complicated less so. As far as ultra sabers i have had great customer service with them replying to every email promptly, RSX deep diving with me how to add a style,troubleshooting what i was doing wrong which at the end of the day is more than what i got from the “original star belly sneetches”, as well as simple less than 20 minute youtube video explaining how to do so, not the hour and a half long tutorial of knots that is how to set up/update a proffieboard, sure the proffiev2/v3 can run newer firmware which the new os7 may have some new bells and whistles however i believe the ultraproffie can run all os6 styles. them using the proffie name is not them stealing as the ultra implies it is a different board and them using the name is most likely to be apart of the community but have been pushed out it seems by personal bias’s, not to mention their prices are on average lower than a lot of these other 3rd party sketchy websites whether you build it yourself/buy one whole and believe me i looked. it seems so political to be so angry as a company that has put out a lot of helpful videos/has lower prices and the argument is poor build quality??? if any thing the board is better as it has some waterproofing and ingenuity where it uses the battery as a chassis saving the average consumer more money i assume as the 3d printed chassis pry spike the price up. it seems arbitrary for the creator of a open source code to be so concerned over others needing permission to change it? then why make it open source? if anything its the communitys fault pushing out and discouraging ultrasabers customers of their purchase as in your eyes they are victims of the attempt of a company that is just trying to make a buck of them when that has not been my experience at all, in fact as RSX engineering has stated them changing the source code for the sake of time in terms that it is an attempt to make it easier is them already going out of their way to help its customers, i don’t see any other saber company creating extensive resources to learn the ins and outs of their sabers regardless if its a fork or not. it just further divides the community to shun them and their customers in such a way in my humble opinion, which is why they pry also created their own forum…nothing ive seen ultrasabers has done has alarmed me, not even the 3 day policy or the 20% restocking fee because 1 its a lightsaber and one can break it battling with it pretty quick 2 it is labor and parts to fabricate and code the parts together in custom orders. Anyway i don’t understand the hot and cold around this company, I’m sure experiences vary but so does everyone’s understanding on electronics, and making it easier only helps. if anything its like apple vs android but with lightsabers.

Like I said, “enjoy your saber”. My reply was in regards to yours that we should somehow know how to and be obligated to support their proprietary board and fork. Try asking Apple customer service how to use an Android phone and see how that goes.

I’m glad your experience has been good, you have the luck of being new to the hobby. If you go back and ask those who came before you about their experiences and how that reputation was earned you may have a better understanding. Reputations are earned (and repaired) by actions over time, not as a snapshot in a single experience.

You were pointed by this group to seek help from the place that ultimately helped you, so I’d say this group did resolve your issue. Now you’re happily using code I myself put a lot of time into developing and providing tools to make it easy to generate versus need to learn to write code for yourself, so I did my part, “You’re Welcome BTW” ;-).

I’ve personally developed many tools to help users of all abilities to be able to easily use the OS I’ve contributed to, if you had a Proffieboard they would have made life easier for you as well.

So go enjoy your saber and the styles I built, if you get into Proffieboard or the main OS that we can actually help with we’re always here and the door’s always open…


I would also like to point out that the Style Editor was created by Fredrik, not Ultrasabers or RSX. Not that they can’t use it and direct you to using it, but I’d like to be clear and say that these were tools not built by Ultrasabers or RSX.

Well… there are other soundboards that do have good documentation. The infamous CFX manual would be an example (known for being very thorough and well written), along with the resources on crystal focus . net,

Worth mentioning that most saber companies sell CFX, GHv3, Proffie, or a proprietary board, but those 3 are without a doubt the largest/hold the greatest “share of the market,” if you will… so in many cases companies rely on, for example, the work of the Proffie community.

But this community also does create extensive resources to learn the ins and outs of proffie. We’re all volunteers here, but we put a large amount of our time into this stuff to try and make it easy for everyone.

Please enjoy your saber, really, I mean that, but also please don’t bash the giants whose shoulders you stand on (also not saying I’m one of them… I mean more the others in this community who have created everything for the “real” proffie)

I’d argue that you maybe are unfamiliar with a lot of the tools and info built out for Proffie. Along with the wealth of documentation, tools, and such that Fett263 has created, not to mention the enourmous work of Fredrik himself to create proffie as we know it, key members of the community (largely Fredrik, Fett263, Brian Connor, etc.) work to maintain documentation:

As well as other tools like Brian Connor’s sound font naming converter:

And the sound packs BC has also created:

And the ProffieConfig tool I created:

Along with the videos created by other community members, there’s a vast array of knowledge and tools out there to make things easy… I’d certainly argue easier than, from the little bit I know about it, what you have with UltraProffie. I agree, there’s long videos that may be tedious and/or outdated, but that’s the nature of progress… that’s not to say there aren’t (many) other resources.

Once again, I’ll echo “enjoy your saber.” If you’re happy with it and have been provided help, that’s great, but yeah, my closing remark would be the aforementioned “don’t bash the giants whose shoulders you stand on.”


i am not saying im not super impressed and thankful for all the help , however i feel dividing instead of connecting is counterproductive to everyone is all. Fett263 is a master style creator and the fact you even made a Thundercat style i give mad respect as it is a og show, but i agree it is like asking apple to troubleshoot a android phone, no one can know everyone’s past experiences though if anything they are trying and my case should be evidence they are attempting to go down a better path, thank you all.

Look you’re very new and don’t know the history but the “division” was done purposefully and intentionally by the vendor you’re defending. They had (have) a terrible reputation that was earned over a long time in the hobby, not because of one action but many, many actions over many, many years. Rather than offer Proffieboard and collaborate like all of the other vendors, they hired an outside developer to take the very, very popular and very well established ProffieOS and apply it to a “closed” board. They did so without ever consulting or asking about the tools that already existed and were in development from the Open Source community. They purposefully made a board that cannot use the main OS, so they can isolate their customers, and they made it so their customers can’t actually update to the main OS and are fully dependent on them.

They took the tools this community built and pass them off as their own and then sell customers like you on very misleading statements about “ease of use”, rather than contributing to the Open Source board and OS they needed, they decided to go onto an island, nobody here put them on it, they intentionally made it to try to hide their previously earned reputation (IMHO).

There are many other vendors who use Proffieboard and who customize the OS or create forks but they do so on the Open Source hardware so their customers are able to choose if they want the fork or the main and so their customers can easily get help and contribute to the main OS and community. It was very intentional decision to build a proprietary board, hide it from everyone and make it unable to work with the main OS or be updated by their customers.

Other vendors presently offer simplified versions of Proffieboard, or they use the above mentioned tools to make it easy for even complete novices to be able to fully use their Proffieboard. If you had started with one of those vendors you’d have a very different tune.

As we’ve repeated, we’re glad you had a good experience but the path you walked is paved with way more customers who were ripped off, scammed and worse. Proffieboard can be very easy, even for users with little computer knowledge, you’ve been sold a “line” that they made it easy to use in order to justify why they purposefully put you on an island when they took your money.

They chose the name because “Proffie” is well known and respected, not because they made anything “better”. The “better and easier” is just marketing to get unknowing customers to come to them. The division is an island they made for you and others.

I get you are happy, as you should be, but your experience is the anomaly thus far and as you learn more and want to do more with your saber, that island is going to get smaller, whereas customers who buy real Proffieboards are never trapped on an island, they have a true Open Source board and OS, you have a closed source board that borrows everything from an Open Source one and pretends it’s better or easier or whatever they say.

If you take some time to learn about the real Proffieboard and expand your knowledge in the saber community on vendors and the history, you’ll come to see you’ve been looking through a keyhole and making statements about the entire house without ever actually opening the door and walking around.


well it sounds like you’ve seen some stuff and been through the war, i respect that. but end of the day it is 50$ plus some soldering and updating to change to a proffie board from a ultraproffie which seems at this point to be unnecessary with what i now know is possible with the hardware i have.

No “war” for me, when I entered the hobby I researched and was guided by veterans who helped me avoid pitfalls and traps others fell into. If not for them I wouldn’t have found Proffieboard or developed anything. I merely guide others now as was done for me before. I’m glad you’re lucky, I hate seeing users with buyer’s remorse or being taken advantage of. Enjoy!

Proffie is short for “Profezzorn”, which is me.
They are using my name without my permission.
I’m not sure if that’s legal or not, but it’s certainly not fun.

They have chosen not to be part of the community, so that seems unlikely.
I find it far more likely that they did it to make a buck.

ProffieOS and Proffieboards are distributed under a license that lets everybody have access to the source, and they can use it almost any way they want to, as long as they make any changes they make also open-source. Ultrasabers position is that their boards are not covered by this license, so they do not make the design of their boards open-source, which in my opinion doesn’t sit well since they obviously looked at my designs when they made theirs, otherwise it wouldn’t be compatible.

On the software side, they have forked ProffeOS, and and are making their own changes, with very little interest in working together, or having their changes become part of the mainline OS. Their attitude have basically been that as long as their code has been uploaded to github, their obligations to the community is fulfilled, end of story. I’m fine with their ProffieOS fork, but I don’t know what they have done with it, and I take no responsibility for it, so if you want help with it, ask them. This goes for all forks or modified versions of ProffieOS, not just Ultrasabers fork.


Pretty much everything has been covered, and Fett263 said it better than I ever could, but the only thing I would add regarding Ultrasabers’ use of the name Proffie (in case it wasn’t already clear) is that that name is derived from the title of the Proffieboard’s designer and software writer Professor Fredrik Hubinette who also runs this forum.

As has been discussed, the code is open source and anyone can use it, change it and build on it. But it would have been a courtesy for Ultrasabers to at least contact Fredrik and discuss their plans before actually carrying them out.

Instead they (Ultrasabers) simply went ahead and did it. They took all of the code that Fredrik and others had developed over many years, altered it, locked it up and claimed it as their own. They then stole the professor’s title knowing its value in the world of replica lightsabers, and stapled it to the hybrid product that had been largely built by others but which they were passing off as their own.

To be fair, RSX did come on this forum and talk about what was happening, but only when the project was well under way.

Have Ultrasabers done anything illegal? Possibly not. But they have, I would respectfully suggest, conducted themselves with little or no decency or courtesy - they have exhibited bad form and not acted in the spirit of open source software.

Is their product any good? I haven’t used it myself, but from what I’ve seen it does seem to have some merits, and even Fredrik himself expressed interest in certain aspects of RSX’s approach. But Fett263 is completely correct in that it operates outside the spirit of open source by locking you in to their way of doing things. If that suits you, that’s great, but as Fett said, it does put you on an island.

And don’t for one moment believe their hype that the regular ProffieOS can only be used by coding wizards. I have zero coding background and to this day know almost nothing about coding, but even I have got to grips with ProffieOS and built saber setups bursting with features and some of my own customizations, helped along by the generosity, knowledge and resources made available by the guys on this forum. And because it’s open source, I’ve even been known to make occasional suggestions for features that might be added in future, some of which have made it into the OS, some of which have been politely declined. And in turn, I’ve tried to share those resources forward with others - all in the spirit of open source.

All of which means that when anyone takes an open source resource and builds on it, modifies it, alters it and repackages it, there’s no way the original authors can offer any kind of expertise when it comes to troubleshooting it. If you put a Ford engine in a Volkswagen, you can’t expect your local VW dealer to know how to fix it.

All of that said, like Fett, I like to see people enjoying their sabers, wherever they come from. My first saber came from Ultrasabers, and I’ve since built a few Ultrasabers empties up for other people. As such, I wish you well with your new saber and I hope you get many enjoyable years of sith-slaying with it. :slight_smile:


Ah, I see Fredrik posted about the Proffie name at the same time I did, but I only saw his after I posted. But you get the idea…

claiming ownership over a open source code seems counterintuitive. if anything they were respecting/honoring you and the community by not calling it something else, should be humble that someone would even “steal your name”.

All the deceptive and proprietary BS aside, it’s still a more limited OS. I was actually recently at Fan Expo in Dallas, where I took the liberty of swinging by UltraSaber’s booth and casually suggested that they update their Proffie Fork. :slight_smile:

Hard to tell if you’re being willfully ignorant or just trolling. Proffezorn wrote the OS, it’s his copyright they’re using in their fork:

The board they copied and the OS they forked wouldn’t exist without him. If anyone deserves respect it’s him above all else.

Ignorance on a topic is one thing, but you’re literally replying to the person who made what you bought possible asking him to be humble. He made the OS Open Source, he didn’t have to. You’re close to wearing out your welcome from the group that did 95% of what you’re using, I’d recommend learning a little and understanding what you’re talking about first.