Fetts prop and sensitivity, and sound issues

Hello. I’ve recently switched over to fetts button prop from BC’s, and I’ve noticed several things. I’m trying to figure out if it’s os6.7 or fetts prop that likely I’m screwing up in some way by missing defines but I’ve looked over the wiki several times as well as fetts os6 prop file documentation on his own site.

So basically my sensitivity is kind of crazy. It will twist on, stab on, swing on, with VERY little movement. Even clashes are too frequent. Im going to increase my clash threshold to 4 from 3 and hope it fixes the clashes but the rest is still an issue. It’s so sensitive that if I twist off, it will twist right back on.

Another issue I’ve notified is that stab and tip drag sounds aren’t continued with the animation. I’ll tip drag, the tip will illuminate properly until I stop the drag but the sound is like, just the first instance of it and it’s like it’s one and done even if I’m still tip dragging.

A few other details, on BC’s prop, which I’ve been using for quite some time, none of these problems exist.

I really want to learn more about the prop file but until I can get past these issues, I can’t even delve into edit mode due to the sensitivity. Are there defines I can set to set a delay on multiple swing/stab/twist on/off so it can’t happen immediately after a gesture control of the same type.

Thanks in advance, any help would be appreciated. I’ll give any info I can.

You can start by posting your config file(s). (Ideally both the one that works well and the one that doesn’t.)
Sensitivity can be caused by something slowing down, which in turn can be caused by a slow SD card, complicated styles, or something else.
What does the serial monitor say when this happens?

Is the config exactly the same for both props (except for prop specific defines) or are there differences in fonts, styles, etc?
As profezzorn notes, what does the Serial Monitor say when you’re getting these false ignitions?
There are no “sensitivity” settings for twist, the twist gesture is just a back and forth movement controlled by the OS, not the prop, so not sure how it would be different. Are you doing more than one back and forth twist?

I’m headed off to work right now, but tonight I will be building two configuration files. I’m gonna put one style on each one, and ensure that besides the prop file everything is exactly the same. I’ll be testing that to make sure that the issue is still present, if so I will report back with my configuration files and findings. Thank you for the support guys. I appreciate all the work you guys put into the community.

Get the Serial Monitor output as well, and run ‘sdtest’. It’s most likely a slow SD or vibrations from your speaker triggering stabs or thrusts for the ignitions.

The speaker thing sounds frustrating to fix. I will do both run an SD card test and look at the serial monitor while I test ignitions and get back to you guys.

As we await test results, I thought I’d mention that this lines up with my previous thoughts about maybe something with dynamic clash might be behind this increased sensitivity thing. The general consensus is that it emerged when updating to os6. However, it might be evident for users running the fett263 prop update in conjunction with the OS update? As I’ve said before, I haven’t noticed any difference running my prop. Things work the same for me at my standard 3.5 threshold as they have since os5 .
That said, I think Fett263 also said he’s not had any change, so it might be a false flag.
Just thought I’d mention it.

I have 10 sabers running my prop with no such issues on any of them so I cannot replicate. Also, the clashes are detected outside of my prop so the false clash detection wouldn’t be prop specific. As far as I know everyone who reported resolved the issue by adjusting clash threshold and insulating the board from speaker vibrations.
The only difference for gestures is I removed the “spam” prevention delays during Beta that prevented consecutive gestures but the fix for that is to do the gesture correctly instead of spamming the motion. We need more info but so far each reported instance just turned out to be vibrations from the speaker being detected as stab or thrust.

I promise to hook back up with test results tonight when I get home, but I did want to state that I’m doing the gesture correctly, I’ve been doing it the same way for years. Especially with this most recent build that I’m referencing here, I’ve been very careful to do the gesture precisely. The thing turns on when I slide my chassis in the hilt, it’s very sensitive. I can def see what you mean about the speaker and I’m going to look into it. It’s a custom speaker, very loud and there is some vibration so this is very possible. The thing is tho is even when the saber isn’t making sound, and I’m sliding it in slowly into the hilt, I cannot avoid an ignition.

I want to be clear as well, I’m not blaming one prop or another, im just putting all the info I can about the scenario.

The two things I changed were going from 6.5 to 6.7 and changing from BC’s prop to fetts.

Anyways, more to come soon.

Let’s start with an “apples-to-apples” config test and get Serial Monitor output. There’s no “sensitivity” difference in my prop the motion and gestures are detected by the OS, not the prop. I’m happy to look deeper but to be perfectly honest every other reported issue has turned out to be the same cause; speaker vibrations triggering false gestures, insulating the board from the speaker or adjusting volume and clash threshold have fixed. If there is something in my prop that causes this to act different I don’t know what it would be but I’m happy to look once we can determine it’s actually the prop and not the OS or saber itself. Since I have never experienced or been able to replicate on any saber I have to lean towards at least some external factors at play.

This reminds me more and more why in my career sector we end up doing ride alongs and have to at times jump in the driver’s seat w the customer along for the ride. To simply see about reproducing a subjective issue. Like when something happens at a certain speed on a certain section of road. I may at some point coming up have a saber come through my hands that’s still experiencing the issue. I can talk to the owner and see if there’s a chance of shipping the saber out so you can try it out as a separate inspection. Not so much whether or not it’s a prop issue, just so there’s someone with way more expertise looking at it. JustThinkingAloud

Alright, here we go. Sorry for the delay. I’ve added the configuration files for both BC’s prop file config and Fett’s prop file config. Both the same blade styles, I used three, very basic styles, nothing special. Also I used “Generally” the same settings in the top config (or at least I tried to match it up)

I’ve also uploaded the serial monitor for each, appropriately named.

BC Prop File config is the one that does not give me an issue. The Fett Prop File Config is the one that does give me an issue.

Im pretty sure you can actually see the differences in the serial monitor. I’ve seen also seen “Unmounting SD Card” several times in the monitor for both I believe.

The SD Card test results are as follows:

Test finished without errors.
You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again.
Writing speed: 17.9 MByte/s
Reading speed: 15.0 MByte/s
H2testw v1.4

Cleric is the name of the hilt, if you’re wondering about the naming scheme.

Cleric Test BC.h (1.6 KB)
Cleric Test Fett.h (2.1 KB)
serial monitor bc.txt (2.6 KB)
serial monitor fetts.txt (6.8 KB)

Can you do a video of you actually doing the Twist because the only difference between the props for twist is I removed the gesture spamming delay?

*Suggestion, at this point I’d also wanna see who made the board. Within the past year I’ve seen a certain company’s boards having a different thing in the main code as well as different than suggested components that caused an issue, despite having the “ZZ” printed on the board. It may be a moot point but if it’s a chip or component change on a more recent board versus the test batch it could be an indicator.

Once that’s all narrowed down maybe try out the new Motion Frequency and Accelerometer_Range defines.

Yes, I’ll post a video in about 30 min when I’ve completed the speaker insulation to try and curb any vibrations. Will report back shortly.

Also, The board has the ZZ marking on the usb side. I don’t remember what it says on the back side, and my cable management is done so probably not gonna pop it off if I don’t have to.

Will post back shortly as soon as my insulation sets.

Who’s name or brand is the board? Not the Proffieboard or ZZ but the place that made it? That will be on the same facing side as the connector port.

Oddly enough, no manufacturer in sight.

Zz on one side and made by Fredrick on the other but no manufacturer

Ok well… I made a few changes. First of all I modified the clash threshold from 3 to 4.5. Secondly, I took your advice (obviously from previous posts) and better insulated the speaker to prevent as much vibration as I could. Third I removed Stab on/off gestures (I kept the thrust ones, actually not sure what the difference would be but seemed redundant). This actually stopped my ignition issue when inserting my chassis, and I just spent the last 20 minutes trying to make a vide of the twist on/off and I could only get it to be too sensitive on occasions where I knew I over did the gestures (twisting for 20 min with one hand and recording with another can cause some issues lol) and maybe a few other times, I think its actually much better. Out of the three things I modified, I think its probably the speaker like you said.

That being said however, I can still trigger the false ignition with twist on/off like 10% of the time, wondering if adding defines to re-enable the gesture spam options you have removed may help solve this odd issue with various causes, for a lot of people with different chassis / speaker setups.

Either way I am going to keep testing (its late, People are now sleeping in my house so blasting my ignition over an over has already gotten me in trouble for the day) tomorrow.

Thank you for all the suggestions and I will keep the thread updated with further findings.

It makes a lot of sense that inserting the chassis into the saber would cause a stab gesture. If that’s something you do a lot, then taking that out is probably a good idea.

I designed the chassis to keep the switch section in permanently and the lower half to be completely removable for servicing. So yeah, I agree. Gonna do some more testing with it today after work but I was happy with the results last night.