Fett263 prop issues

I’m using saber_fett263_buttons.h and have the voice pack A from Free prop sounds

I can’t get the saber to speak battery percentage (or anything else from the voice pack). This is what I’m trying to do from the prop file.

NEW Control! Volume Menu = Hold PWR, Click AUX
Turn Right (Stepped) = Increase Volume (to max)
Turn Left (Stepped) = Decrease Volume (to min)
Click PWR or AUX = Exit

  1. Post your config file
  2. What does the serial monitor say when you try that?

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As profezzorn noted, we need to see your config. Did you see set up instructions here and add “;common” to all of your presets?

Thanks. Can I just paste the config here or do I need to use pastebin or something? Never used it before…

pastebin.com is easier, just create and past URL to share

Make sure to mark the paste as public before creating. A lot of people forget that.

I’m fairly new to Proffie and am working off a config that came on a used saber. Where do I add “;common” ?

While I’m getting help, I have a few other problems (Proffie OS 6.7 on a Korbanth Graflex Supreme)

  1. Stab and melt don’t work

  2. Gesture controls don’t work. I want them off most of the time but I’d like the option to be able to turn them on.

  3. I get the “font directory not found” error about every other time I use my saber. But only on the first font. Randy at Korbanth said it’s a known error and there’s nothing I can do but this is the only saber / config I’m having that exact problem with

  4. Copying and pasting simple blade styles from Fett263’s OS6 blade style library gives me errors in Arduino. Happens on another Proffie from The Pach Store as well. The lines it says it has a problem with is where the brackets start and end the code at lines 22 and 922 from my pastebin config.

  5. How do I enable / use edit mode? I see several videos on YouTube when searching but they’re about an hour each on average…

It’s described in the Voice Pack setup on the page I linked above. For each preset you need to add “;common” to the font.

{ "font;common", "font/tracks/track.wav,

You can also try this tool as it will set up the config for you.

#1 - make sure you’re doing the stab gesture correctly. It should be a linear movement with an impact at the tip of the blade. Stab only works if you have style code added for it.

#2 - if you don’t have defines for gestures then you need Edit Mode or ProffieOS Workbench to enable/disable, use config tool linked above to enable Edit Mode.

#3 - sounds like an issue to work out witg your installer

#4 - most likely you’re not using correct syntax for your presets, use config tool :wink:

#5 - the page I linked above for my prop has instructions for Edit Mode as well or use config helper tool and enable Edit Mode.

serial monitor

EVENT: ?48 millis=56064552
Volume Down
Current Volume: 300
Playing voldown.wav, (not found)
EVENT: ?48 millis=56064811
Volume Down
Current Volume: 200
Playing voldown.wav, (not found)
EVENT: ?48 millis=56065028
Volume Down
Current Volume: 100
Playing voldown.wav, (not found)
Unmounting SD Card.

so it can’t find voldown.wav but it is in the common folder

You should probably read this page as well. Take it one step at-a-time.

1 - I’m doing it correctly. I have multiple Proffie sabers that all stab fine.

2 / 4/ 5 - everything else is how I want it. I don’t want to have to start from scratch with a new config. I was hoping to make a few tweaks to this one.

I’ve gone through that several times. There’s just so much to Proffie it’s hard to keep it all in my brain and when something doesn’t work right I have no idea how to fix it. It’s frustrating.

You can copy stuff over from your config to the tool -otherwise you need to be more mindful of syntax and review the defines you need to add to your config. The tool is intended to prevent syntax mistakes most new users make and include defines for features as you select them. Review the other pages linked above either way, they contain all the info you need either way.

I mean, the config tool does the “thinking” for you if you read through it, not sure what else to recommend. I literally built the tool to make it easy for users to get the most out of their configs and take the guessing out of it.

“You can lead a horse to water, but…”

Try it now. Thanks. Hopefully it doesn’t unleash a new can of worms…

If you get errors post the config you used and the error message you get and we’ll have a look.