Fett263 ProffieOS6 Style Library

OS6 Library ow Live!

This library has a lot of new features and is designed to support a lot of new concepts related to OS6 I highly recommend watching at least the beginning of the Introduction video to familiarize yourself with all of the new concepts and capabilities.

I have been working on this library for a while and I have been debugging as much as I can throughout but if any bugs or compile errors pop up please report them in this thread (it will be linked from the library). The initial launch will be a bit of a Beta so this thread will be used to help identify issues and/or fixes as I go.

While I very much appreciate kind words and support please keep this thread for questions or issues related to the OS6 library.

The library will continue to grow as I am able to build and test more styles. It will be starting with the styles I have already built or converted to OS6 but it takes time so I have a long backlog of styles intended for the library that are not added yet.

In addition, there are additional tools and features that I’ll be introducing in future phases so this is by no means the final form, it’s merely the tip of a massive iceberg.


Phase 1 is now live, see 1st post for link and info!


Just a heads up for anyone working on a laptop, I had to zoom out to expose the “close” buttons on the welcome/splash screens, thanks Fett! Appreciate the hard work!


Thanks, I added a “band-aid” scroll if you refresh. I’ll do an update for small screens when I get a chance, been testing on desktop only.


Getting errors trying to compile a clean config with the DUNE style. Not sure whats up.

Errors: Error Messages - Pastebin.com

Config: Config - Pastebin.com

There’s no comma between these layers

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Ah, that’ll do it! Thanks. Curious how that ended up missing.

Prob just a website bug . @Fett263 should be made aware. Guess I just did that.
But after fixing that, still getting wrong number of template arguments (5, should be 4)
The style is so long, I can’t see/find the caret ^ in the error though.

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Script fixed, a couple of misplaced commas. Refresh the page.

Yeah I was just experimenting with having 1 preset to start with, and using edit mode to go from there. Ill come back to it later. Im using a simplified down DUNE style now and its uploading fine.

Appreciate the help but let me debug from the website side. There is so much style code being combined in the new library I expected a few missing commas or brackets, just need users to uncover and I’ll get them fixed. The library comment code makes finding errors much easier than trying to read through the style itself.

Slight issue w/ 0 on the ignition timing. Seems many fonts use the out.wav to blend into the hum – meaning the ignition is actually shorter than the actual wav file.

Just means that say for lot of the OT / prequel / sequel canon fonts which have almost identical styles the ignitions are too slow.

I know in the config.ini in a font there’s humstart value – might that be a better use since we can potentially adjust that value

I know it’s possible to override the ignition time while still sharing a style by using Webusb workbench – however on a couple of my sabers i cannot have the core in the saber while a USB cable plugged in or in Pach-store case you cannot have a usb cable even inserted when a battery is in the core.

Edit mode i appreciate is another option but similarly that takes a fair few % of config space and also isn’t (by default) retained if the config is reflashed or a any elements like ordering is changed.

FYI – exactly the same issue on GH3 boards which have an “auto” for ignition timing … always too slow based on the wav
At least w/ proffie fonts we might be able to use config.ini and use the humstart timing

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I am also noticing the same thing with the blending issue.

Thanks, yes that’s why I don’t default ignition to zero in the library. humstart won’t have any effect. “Auto” uses WavLen<> for the out.wav file playing so it’s just reading the file’s length, not the config parameters.
My recommendation is to leave ignition at 300 by default (except for Cycle Up ignition as that animation needs at least 1000 or 2000 ms to look good), then on specific fonts use Edit Mode or WebUSB if you need to adjust.
Future OS releases may have other functions but for OS6 playing with Ignition Time after upload via WebUSB or Edit Mode is very easy.


Understood – as i said – i have at least 3 hilts which i cannot use WebUSB due to removable cores / embedded boards deep inside the hilt … just wanted to check whether there was another workaround.

I guess maybe hand-writing the presets.ini on the SD might be quicker way … just reusing styles saves complexity but has this downside
Thanks for responding

Yeah, Edit Mode would probably be better in those hilts or you can edit the presets.ini directly. I haven’t had any time to do that write up but if you edit a saber that has Edit Mode or WebUSB you can see the argument string. Ignition Time is the 5th parameter - 7th number(s) after style=builtin, the first is style number and the second is blade number, then you’d count 5 arguments ("~" just means that style does not use that argument value) and it will be a single integer.

Like so (they’ll all look different based on the style and edits you’ve selected), the “300” in below is Ignition Time:

style=builtin 0 1 65535,3598,0 ~ ~ ~ 300 ~ ~ ~ 65535,65535,65535 65535,65535,65535 65535,65535,65535 16000 65535,65535,65535 26000 49088,65530,65534
name=Preset: 1

So changing that value in presets.ini (if you have ENABLE_ALL_EDIT_OPTIONS defined) will let you edit just from .ini

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On certain devices or desktop screens…the initial popup with a button that says “I agree” is below the viewable fold of the screen and you cant get to it, so you are kinda stuck there and cant get in. Although there is a scroll on the side of this popup box, it doesn’t do anything and doesn’t let you scroll this section down, its a dead scroll button.

This happens on Firefox, Edge and Chrome browsers on a standard 1080p desktop resolution 32" wide screen monitors

Can you refresh? I added a scroll earlier to handle.

Just did a hard refresh…nadda. The issue is the vertical scroll for that popup is inactive…yet the horizontal scroll is working fine. So without the vertical scroll being active (working)…you cant get to the bottom of the popup to click the " agree" button. The “I agree” button is below the fold of the visible viewing screen (on desktop monitors/browsers) with no way to get down to it.

Attaching screenshot so you have an idea of what im talking about. The highlights in yellow are the working/active scroll bars. The area in red has nothing to move/scroll up/down

(screenshot removed by poster)

On Mobile devices, it may not look pretty (Text falls outside the popup box) …but at least you can still get to the “i agree button”.

(screenshot removed by poster)

Remove screenshots to avoid getting in trouble ;-), I know the issue. Working on an update, if you zoom out you can get to it. I’ll post when I have the fix completed. This site was never intended for mobile devices but I’m working on some alignment adjustments for smaller monitor sizes.

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