Failed to mount SD card in serial monitor

Hi everyone,

I’ve got one of the new v3.9 boards uninstalled that I’m trying to test the SD card speed on, but when pulling up the serial monitor, I’m receiving multiple lines of “Failed to mount SD card.”

Failed to mount SD card.
I2C init…
Motion chip … 106 found.
EVENT: Stab millis=1244
Failed to mount SD card.
Failed to mount SD card.
Failed to mount SD card.
Failed to mount SD card.
Saving Global State
Failed to mount SD card.
Amplifier off.Welcome to ProffieOS v7.3
For available serial commands, see:

Booster off.

I’ve reformatted the card using the USBReformatter tool, do I have the wrong settings in the tool menu? I can’t figure out why it won’t recognize the single font on the SD.

Thanks in advance.

This is the SD card in question if it makes a difference,

It’s 128gb and I have it formatted as exFAT

I seem to be having the same issue if I use the same SD card in my uninstalled Proffie v2.2 as well, so I’m thinking it’s something to do with the SD card itself and not the hardware. Is it possible the 128gb size is too large?

128Gb should work fine.
It’s possible the SD card is formatted in a way that ProffieOS doesn’t support.
(Like, maybe with a GPT partition table.)

Do you have a recommended way of reformatting it in an appropriate way? The SD Card Reformatter doesn’t seem to give me an option in choosing what type of format I can choose, and I’m honestly not knowledgeable enough to know if this GPT partition table is being used

Aha! For anyone in the future having this issue, use a cmd prompt to change the partition type ID to 0x0C (FAT32 LBA). This came from a suggestion Frederik commented on an old facebook post 3 years ago.