Does this define work?

I’m using Fett’s two button prop. I have my clash threshold at 4.0

I’ve noted that on some of my pre-sets, there is a “false clash” when quotes play. I know the problem is the level of bass in the font. Upping the clash threshold solved a few of the pre-set issues, but not all.

Somebody suggested adding this to my defines -#define AUDIO_CLASH_SUPPRESSION_LEVEL 20

Does this work? Seems like BS to me. If so what, is the highest level to set the define at?

AUDIO_CLASH_SUPPRESSION_LEVEL is a real thing, but only in ProffieOS 7.x, which isn’t officially released yet. ProffieOS 7.x also has a new (and hopefully better) clash detection algorithm which could potentially help.

What version of ProffieOS are you using?

The define only works in the pre-Alpha version of OS7 on github.

See info here just use link above instead of the test fork.

6.7 - Just saw Fett’s reply. Looks like it’s a define for OS7 when it comes on line.