Dh-17 rebel blaster anh w.i.p

SO… I know I have an identical thread here but this thread is more to do with the steps of how I am building this prop versus the configuration. so with that in mind, for config click on the link above. but if you want to see how I modded this nerf to accept a proffie and use it as a prop, this is the place to look.

with that being said.


so loosening the screws with electrical micro screws was nigh in possible. I could ONLY take 1 out and I’m scared to strip the others. I am going to see if a longer screwdriver is better suited then the tiny electrical screwdriver set.

Ideally you would want those snazzy electric screwdriver set that mobile technicians have but I don’t have those.

the screw came out with a longer screwdriver. however, upon checking the screws they are not the same size.

I labelled them apparently all the screws bar one are the same length.
screws removed and splitting this puppy open.

oh look battery compartment. good to know, i have two 14500 batteries which should fit. PLUS this build doesn’t have any neopixels but RGB anode leds.

would those battery? not sure.

OH SHIT no seam. it may be injection moulded or glued to the end cap.

could I use acetone to see if it releases the glue? any chance it might melt the plastic?

more glued parts.

the barrel looks to be injection moulded, not sure how to get around that.

more seams.

so are it stands the scope reticle and the clear cone have no seams. the muzzle is glued/ plastic welded and the end cap at the base.

based on the RPF, hot water will remove the cone.

I’ll try acetone on the end cap and muzzle but there’s a good chance I will need to cut it open.

ONCE upon a time I ha I had neodynium magnets, I could use those for ease of maintenance. would 3mm magnets be strong enough to keep it all thogether ( I have 80 magnets).

The lines are roughly we’re I’m cutting. The muzzle does not need to be cut off entirely just enough to have one half come off and the muzzle can be attached to the other side.

The end cap has a lip between it and main body. So I’m thinking off cutting the connection in between and have the cap attached to the body of the blaster with magnets.

One end done need to cut the other end now.