Default “Color Change Wheel” click sounds?

Is there a quick way I can add “click” sounds to a default Color Change mode?

Just add a “ccchange.wav” file to your font (or common folder).

Or wait, do you mean the color wheel? The one that doesn’t have steps?

Yeah, I mean the default Color Wheel that doesn’t require Color Change effect in the blade style.

There is currently no event generated when the color changes through the color wheel. If there was it would be sent ~1000 times per second or so. It would be possible to change the code so that it calls SaberBase::DoChange() once you’ve rotated it enough, which would play ccchange.wav.

The code what would need to be changed is here:

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Great! I like how you suggest the solution but don’t say what exactly I need to put there in the code :joy: I’m not a coding guy, I can’t figure out it myself, so can you please tell how exactly the changed code should look? :slight_smile:

Short answer: no

This isn’t a feature that sounds particularly useful to me, so I’m unlikely to spend time on it unless more people chime in and say they want it. So if you want this feature you will either need to learn to code or get someone else to do it for you.

I don’t have time to learn coding, as I don’t need it in my life at all because I have lot of other things to work on and learn, so I will ask somebody else, thank you.

Feedback from people:

Seeing as this is currently being asked about here’s a demo of the new Color Editing functionality coming for OS6. Note: your styles will need to be built to include the corresponding arguments for Edit Colors so the saber knows which effects to assign the colors to.

These are all of the available “effects” you can set up and Edit, the menu will only let you select what the current style supports in each preset when you’re in the Color Menu:
• Base Color
• Alt Color
• Blast Color
• Clash Color
• Lockup Color
• Drag Color
• Lightning Block Color
• Stab Color
• Preon Color
• Ignition (Power Up) Color
• Retraction (Cool Down) Color
• PostOff Color
• Swing Color
• Emitter Color
• Off Color (for crystals and accent LEDs)

There are 4 options in Edit Colors menu to let you easily select any color you want for each of the above effects:
Color List
Adjust Color Hue
Adjust White Level
Adjust Black Level.
“Color List” is a list of specific colors you can rotate through (commonly used for blade colors and effects), it can be edited before you upload if you desire, this is the default built into the menu, you can add, change or remove whatever colors you want prior to upload to have them available in the menu for “Color List” this will make selecting your favorites for each effect much easier.
Color16 color_list_[] = {
{ 65535, 0, 0 }, // Red
{ 65535, 3598, 0 }, // OrangeRed
{ 65535, 17476, 0 }, // DarkOrange
{ 65535, 24929, 0 }, // Orange
{ 46260, 33410, 0 }, // Gold
{ 65535, 65535, 0 }, // Yellow
{ 27756, 65535, 1542 }, // GreenYellow
{ 0, 65535, 0 }, // Green
{ 14135, 65535, 43433 }, // Aquamarine
{ 0, 65535, 65535 }, // Cyan
{ 0, 34695, 65535 }, // DeepSkyBlue
{ 514, 18504, 65535 }, // DodgerBlue
{ 0, 0, 65535 }, // Blue
{ 7710, 15420, 51400 }, // IceBlue
{ 11102, 92, 53864 }, // Indigo
{ 24000, 0, 50536 },// Purple
{ 30324, 0, 49768 }, // DeepPurple
{ 48768, 0, 48768 }, // Magenta
{ 65535, 0, 19275 }, // DeepPink
{ 25700, 25700, 38550 }, // Silver
{ 21845, 21845, 51400 }, // Glacier
{ 46260, 46260, 65535 }, // IceWhite
{ 49087, 65535, 65535 }, // LightCyan
{ 65535, 51142, 30582 }, // Moccasin
{ 65535, 62708, 40349 }, // LemonChiffon
{ 65535, 48059, 27756 }, // NavajoWhite
{ 65535, 65535, 65535 } // White

I think the people want you to implement it yourself.


How about instead of clicks if it were a sound that played while in color wheel mode? Like a pulsing Kyber Crystal sound instead. Would that work? I think that’s much easier to implement as opposed to trying to have ticks based on rotation.

Although, I have a feeling some code could be borrowed from LengthFinder<> Layering a ticked event based on rotation while in color change mode.

Thinking out loud here.
EDIT If a pulsing-drony sound were to play when COLOR_CHANGE_MODE_NONE is false, it could play monophonically too, so it doesn’t compete with the hum.

I had a thought but need time to mess with it to prove it out, I may be able to replace the ColorWheel with ColorList functionality for Base color changing on the fly (which is essentially what ColorWheel does). It’d need some modification and would still need the style to support but could theoretically kill 2 birds with one stone and let you put whatever sound and colors in place you want. I’ll mess with it a bit next week.

I feel like this is the perfect fit for the screaming goat sound.

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I can’t wrap my head around the math. I get the concept, but fail understanding how to check if

Mostly it’s just a matter of duplicating the logic for ticked changes.
Not that current_tick_angle_ is used differently in the two pieces of code and may need to be split into two separate variables for this to work.

Got this working: "Edit Mode" and other additions for ProffieOS6 - #15 by Fett263

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