Contemplating doing a run

I’m considering doing a run of boards to finance buying my own pick-n-place machine.

The question is, what might people be interested in:

  • Teensysaber V4 board
  • RGB button WS2811 driver
  • PLI WS2811 driver
  • Tricorder PCB (with neopixels in all the right places to light things up)
  • Graflex helper board (USB, buttons & power switch, fits in a graflex clamp)
  • Totally configurable IR remote with Proffieboard brains.
  • Lightgun PCB for retro gaming (would probably use ESP32 for brains)
  • Something else (please describe what below)
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The idea is to start with something relatively simple and then move on to making more complex boards, like a Proffieboard M2 for instance.

The RGB button WS2811 driver would be a small board that fits the bottom of an AV switch with a common-anode RGB LED in it. The board would have data in, data out, +, -, and switch pads on it.

The PLI driver would fit under one of these:
10 Segment Red LED Bargraph – The Saber Armory and have +, -, din/dout pads.

The graflex helper is this thing:

PS: If I do a run, I would use progressive pricing, so the more people who join, the cheaper it would become.

What would the Teensy v4 have over Proffieboards?

Teensy 4s are MUCH faster, have much more memory, and also a more mature library for peripherals. None of those things matters if you’re just building a plain old saber, but if you want to drive thousands of pixels, color displays, or play 50 sounds at the same time, then a Teensy is how to do it. The TeensySaber board would give the teensy sound, motion, FETs and an SD card in a reasonably sized package. More information here:

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Looks like I can’t edit the poll anymore.
I was going to add the thermal detonator helper board I made a while ago.
(Although it looks like KR is currently out of thermal detonators.)

We only get 3 votes–and I prioritized my top 3, but I would ALSO be interested in the RGB button–probably more than 1, assuming 12mm. The KR pixel switch is nice, but only the 16mm has a data out.

Would the lighting pcb be compatible with a dolphin bar type sensor?

I’ve never found a good light gun that wasn’t super expensive, but I’m thinking of upgrading to a RasPi and it would be a good time to fiddle with getting some shooters going.

Edit: I’m going from a Pi4 to Pi5.

The dolphin bar has a bunch of extra logic which is specifically for the wiimotes. What I was thinking was to build on something like the ICON2

But my goal would be to make it wireless, with an 18640 in the magazine. :slight_smile:

Almost all DIY lightguns uses the “gravity IR sensor” from dfrobot, which actually uses the same camera as the wiimote. How well it works then just depends on the software.

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Here to drop a vote for (other project vote) weird proffie form factors! Minis, skinny, pogos, stacking coin boards, built in battery contacts… Totally more niche which makes more sense for a run than a production product (or too niche to produce at all :wink: )

I’d love to pick up some WS2811 RGB button PCBs. The pixel 12mm and 16mm AV tactile switches available now don’t have as nice uniform lighting compared to the addressible RGB switches. With the RGB switches requiring too many extra wires that would be a hassle to route through a radial connector.

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I tried looking around for common-anode RGB AV switches, but I didn’t actually find any in the usual places. I did find some on Mouser/Digi-key, but not very many. I guess RGB buttons are somewhat unusual?

Would love to play with the TeensySaber V4 but I’m most interested in the mini Proffieboard, though I’m sure that isn’t in the cards.

The M2 is progressing, I recently found a place to order reasonably priced M2 PCBs, so I have some on the way that I can hopefully use to build some M2 prototypes.


I’ve ordered some PCBs to prototype some of these things, and I’ve been thinking about how to name them.

I think I will name the LED bar board “Proffie BarBack”, and the RGB switch board would be called a “Proffie SwitchBack”, which I guess would make the graflex board a “Proffie FlexBack” ? Although the graflex helper board doesn’t really sit on the “back” of something, so maybe I’ll think up a different name for it…


Doesn’t the clamp card helper sit back behind the clamp card? Or is that like an east coast US way of saying things. Anyway, makes sense to me :slight_smile:

I suppose it does at that.
I’m not sure if a “Proffie ClampBack” is a good name though. (Doesn’t seem funny enough.) n universe, the graflex clamp is called a “control box”, but that doesn’t help much either.

Maybe “Proffie ClampCenter” is funny enough? (As a reference to Gremlins 2)

Haha! Very good.

The clamper? Clamp on! Clamp off!

Maybe HatchBack?

Or LatchBack?
Is the little thing that holds the clamp together a latch?

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LatchBack is punny and still sounds like something I’d order from an industrial supply specialist :slight_smile: