Compiler warnings

i have three proffie board lightsabers. a 2 button and 2x 1 buttons

I’m getting the same warning in Arduino and it acts as if it’s loading my config

So my first setup was my 2 button. worked like a warnings, loaded perfectly. I created a 2nd 1 button config and added another blade style and soundfont but i received the warning from Arduino although it loaded correctly…

Created my 3rd, 1 button config. i added 3 more blade styes including a dual phase for anikan. and added the sound fonts . I received the warning from Adruino but afterthis one loads it only displays 7 out of the 10 and some of the soundfonts aren’t matching with the blade styles.

i uploaded my config file for the one I’m having issues with.
can you see my issue?

Thanks in advance

my_one_config.h (56.8 KB)

SRAM2 not declared is just a warning, and it can be safely ignored.
(Everybody gets this warning.)
At some point I really need to figure out what causes it and stop it from happening.

EDIT: I think I was a bit confused because you attached this to an existing thread, please don’t do that for new problems. I moved this to a new thread.

Btw, it’s very likely that KEEP_SAVEFILES_WHEN_PROGRAMMING is what is causing your weird non-matching problems, try removing that.

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My Bad for posting on an old thread. Newbie to forums like this in general.
i’ll remove the keep_saved_files_when_programming as soon as i get home from work.
i hope that fixes it too and thank you for the quality control check on my config file. I’m looking forward to use the dual phase mode blade style.

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