Comics and other Hobbies

Hey All,

just wanted to see what others do when they are not crafting their Civilized weaponary.

I am a writer of a comic book series which I’m planning on self publishing.

here’s some of the artwork I have. it would mean a lot if you could go to my facebook page Argentium Comics and show some love. share your passions as well and side hussles.


I like to play other people’s music at unacceptable volumes.


As do I , but play in a different way


Are you the singer or one of the musicians?

That track I did all the guitar tracks, mixed the song, and then ended up doing the vocals too because the other guy (we were all remote) had a potato mic and it was unuseable.


i like to make and create stuff… sometimes random stuff / cool stuff for my kids and other times for family and friends.
then occasionally for me too, but i also listen to a lot of music and play guitar (badly) :upside_down_face:
drift trike me and my boys made / hacked together


I am on the board of a local sci-fi convention and help with a bunch of random tech stuff on the side, so that takes up a lot of my non-building time.

Currently I’m prepping old, donated laptops for use as projector displays at the convention.


I’m on the Board of Directors of a not-for-profit martial arts school. We’re about to reopen at a new location in Manhattan. Our old website (about to be redone):

My little bio is there, which needs an update. I’m 4th Dan now :slight_smile: and will run saber friendly classes every other monday, alternating with Saki Sato of the Hard Nips (if you like punk/alt rock, check them out).

Also a big house DIYer…plumbing, electric, HVAC…if there’s a how to on youtube I’ll nearly kill myself trying before I hire help.

Love everyone’s jams!

My weird hobby is “perfumes”. I like to create them at home, and am such a scent geek. I’m currently toying with the idea of doing a “Tatooine” scent that smells like dry sand, linen, heat and possible other notes to balance with it like apple, jasmine, lavender, dry woods and citruses.

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Hmm, imagine putting a scent diffuser in a lightsaber, then add a scent of an acytelene torch…
Even better if you could have different scents with different effects of course. (especially the “melt” effect should smell like molten metals…)


Did a RUSH cover with my old band drummer all remotely. Well, his drum tracks came to me remotely. Everything else is done here at my desk :slight_smile: While I can sing like a variety of voices, Geddy Lee is not one of them lol. So I just sang it as me…and it’s not great vox. But I feel the instrumentation and mix is pretty spot on.

New World Man


I play basketball, DJ progressive house and techno, occasionally longboard, and read comics.

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Perhaps the best immersive saber concept yet.

What did you do for Party Foul?

What do you mean exactly? Like how did I make that font?

No. What was the scent like?

It was like 5 guys in a small locker room who just ate Taco Bell for lunch, LOL

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Stings the nostrils. That’s how you know it’s working.

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