Clicking / Popping sounds when hum loops

Did all the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this thread:
Clicking Sounds… I don’t even understand. Is this just normal? It’s happening on 2 brand new proffie sabers. Read further to see troubleshooting steps taken - Proffieboards - The Crucible (

including removing all .bmp files from /common (which fixed that person’s issue).

On Proffie 7.2 and sdtest came back 2100kbs at 28 audio streams.

Am also using free sound fonts from:

When I play the hum files in a loop on my pc they sound fine.

Is there any additional troubleshooting I should do?

Do you have other sound fonts to test? A lot of free sound fonts simply aren’t well made and just don’t loop well, I’d try and see if you have the same issue with a different sound font.

If you don’t have any other sound fonts try Kyberphonic’s “Kyber’s Workshop” which is a collection of high-quality free sound fonts.

Yes I tried the sound font in another saber and it loops with the pop. I’ll chat with the creator and see if he can remix the sound files. Thank you.

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If the maker won’t bother just pick up Audacity and zoom-in and clean up the start and end of the hum. You only need the littlest bit but both start and end need to be at “zero”.

@NoSloppy had a great video on this stuff IIRC.

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