Brand new to Proffie

I’m brand new to Proffie. I’ll have an Arcann by Korbanth installed by a very reputable installer, with Proffie 3.9 and OS7. I should get it in November or December. I’m a CFX guy, but want to explore new options. I have visited the Fett263 website and watched a few videos. I was following Fett263 OS7 Library video yesterday but it was overwhelming.
I have a few questions:

  1. I already installed Arduino in my Linux Mint 20.3 machine. Everything went smooth. Does anybody have heads-up on any troubles in Linux?
  2. Is there any guideline for complete newbies? Like watch this sets of videos first, and read these pages first?
  3. You can add several style options to your main blade, but how do you enable them?
  1. Linux should work fine, I use linux all the time. The only “gotcha” is the udev rules you have to install, and I think you need some 32-bit libraries which don’t always come installed by default. (but are easy to add.)
  2. Lots. :slight_smile: It depends on what you want to do though.
  3. I hink this is a question for @Fett263 ?

Thanks for heads-up about Linux.
What I want to know is how to create and add soundfonts and bladestyles. That’s the start! Any video or website link will be appreciated. I believe I should start with OS6, because OS7 is too much for a complete newbie. Once, I get familiar with OS6, I can move on to OS7.

Start here, even if you’ve done some of these steps I typically recommend following this page in order step-by-step and confirming you did everything covered, some videos I have found to skip over important information and cause confusion. Take it one step at-a-time and do everything described.

Going to need clarification on what specifically you mean. If you’re talking about Style Options, those are selected in Edit Mode, ProffieOS Workbench or via Style Argument in my Config Helper Tool.

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Creating sound fonts is an art, and I don’t know if there is a good tutorial for how to do that.

Adding a sound font has lots, here is one that I wrote:

Here is how to do it with webusb:

Or, you can do it with edit mode:

Here is a list of youtube videos: (not sure if they are good or bad)

I’m sure there are more helper videos, maybe people can share their recommendations.

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Thanks for the link. I’ll read them thoroughly.
Yes, I meant Style Options. You mentioned 3 options to select them. I’ll see if I understand what you mean after reading the link you provided.

Thanks. I have lots to read now :grin:

For those you’ll want to review these:

Edit Mode:

ProffieOS Workbench:

Config Helper Tool (watch video for info on Style Arguments)

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Hi! I read the sites and watched all the videos. The “Instructions for Updating and Uploading to Your Proffieboard” was very funny. I had several laughs! Things make sense, though. They will make more sense once I get my saber and start personalizing it. I just have one question. In Arduino for Linux, what should I set the Programmer to? STM32 Bootloader? That’s the only part which I didn’t find anything specific for.

@profezzorn would be best to answer. I have never used Linux and am not aware of any differences.

That setting is irrelevant for our purposes of uploading to Proffieboards.

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Thanks for the info.