Blade detect

not sure if i’m posting this correctly, but i really need help with this blade detect. it works on my saber but not the way it is supposed to and i have no idea where to start. I’ve tried everything I could think of, pretty much at the point of scrapping the entire thing. Is there anyone here willing to help out?

what are you expecting blade detect to do?

And what is it actually doing?

And how did you wire it?
And what does your config file look like?

so when you put the blade in it skips on ignition, when you power down there is a beep and a flash as if power cut for a sec. At that point the saber will not respond to gestures only the power button. but if the saber goes into deep sleep the only way to wake it is to remove battery or bluetooth. If i try to put in the configarray “NO_BLADE” then the saber will only work as no blade, it will ignite and immediately power down. So I had to put a value in for no blade and this is the best it has worked. i could show you better i have several vids of the issues.

That’s a lot of weirdness all at once.
Does it work without blade detect?
What blade ID numbers do you get with/without a blade? (Check serial monitor)
Does it work better if use a normal style as your first style in the “no blade” preset? (Instead of just StylePtr<Black>())
What version of ProffieOS are you using?
Maybe post some links to those videos so I can see them?

If you’re using my prop this is expected when the blade is removed. See controls for Gesture Sleep.

*gestures sleep automatically if Blade Detect is enabled and blade is missing
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does it with blade in and out. after a few seconds from blade retraction, it beeps and a quick flash. then if left alone goes to deep sleep and becomes unresponsive. I posted a short video in the proffie group on facebook. its hard to explain better to see.

I posted a solution for you on MySpace.

  1. yes it works perfectly fine without blade detect with the exception of the deep sleep issue.

  2. with blade 89715, with out blade 528492

  3. no it works the same no matter the style

  4. OS 7.10

  5. link to proffie support group video[0]=AZVUBqBH4Prs2eRNVWKZBI_7f3CoAb84MfZ5LuWP2eggDUyXcFJBJcSq7dXfkHqQD73eI3cH06TSmiau1VURRBbLqbTgozm8QWf05vR-dvMhAbi4otUbSO_kHduFrrNPl8vVztQJO9vkOC5t2b6t3NC8HhbFVbGTNdqhrpY0SQUI3f2PJzonFeR7cXs9sYBMWl2FAqGF_l4fvsOCpIh9zXen&__tn__=H-R

This was a joke btw.
Finding stuff on facebook is hard, but now that I have a link to follow, I will go watch the video.

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The BLADE_DETECT define specifies which pin to use for blade detection.
In your config file you have specified 1, which is bridged to the data pin on V3 boards, and cannot be used for blade detect. Is your saber wired for blade detect? What pad on the board is the blade detect wire connected to?

on my Shtok, data 1 goes to one, and data 2 goes to 4. but trying to use 4 for detect was worse. the saber would ignite blade partially and then immediately retract then becomes unresponsive.

sorry i had missed the joke. im am not good with all these social and techy things. my love of star wars pushes me through but i am in way shape or form savvy with it lol

“in no way, shape or form” lol

this vid is much better

First of all, the number you use for BLADE_DETECT is a pin number. So setting it to “4” is not the same as “data4”. You can find the map between pin numbers and pads on the v6 page:

Second, I think you’re confused about how blade detect works. Blade detect cannot use a data pin, so neither data1 nor data4 will work, because those are both used to transmit data to the blade. To use blade detect, you need a wire connected to the BD pad on the pogo pin connector, and the define specifies which pad on the board that wire is connected to. (And that wire is in addition to the +/-/data wires.)

I suggest reading up on blade detect here:

But maybe what you want is actually to use continuous-monitoring blade ID instead? Because that can use the data pads to detect if a blade is present, but it’s different from “blade detect”, and it does not use the BLADE_DETECT define. To learn more about continuous blade ID, read this page:

Now, neither of these pages are fantastic, so please ask if you still have questions. :slight_smile:


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yes you sent me the map before so i had the correct number which i think was 6 for data 4. And yes I was confused, i thought the guide said to bridge BD pad with resistor to data 1 pad. So I thought that was the blade detect wire. All I want is to have a different preset play with blade in than no blade. which is does…minus the issues. this is my first non basic proffie build. So basically what your saying is i should have 2 data 1 for blade, 1 for 16pixel shtok pcb, and then another wire to put somewhere else or is that what the 2 different gnd wires was for? altogether my hilt pcb has 6 wires as it stands right now.

BD pad connects to a pogo pin that stays floating until grounded by the blade-side pogo pin PCB ring (typically) but can be any latching connection.