Blade detect

i understand the premise but exactly what i need to do…sorry. do i need to un-bridge the bd pad and wire it to something? i’m 100% self taught and as i said im the last person that should be messing with things like this but the heart wants what the heart wants lol… and i thank you very much for taking the time to help me as i know you of all people are extremely busy.

“but not exactly what i need to do”

You wire the BD pad on the pogo pin PCB straight to a pad on the Proffieboard ( I think you chose data 4, which is a.k.a. CPU pin #6)
That’s it.
Then you add #define BLADE_DETECT_PIN 6 to your CONFIG_TOP section.
Now when you insert a blade, the appropriate blades[] array entry is chosen, and it’s assigned Presets set is used.
When you remove the blade, it uses the NO_BLADE blade definition, and the Presets set for that blade (unless you just have one Presets set and both states use that one, which is fine too.)
Does that help?

Ok, right number, but probably not the right pad. (Because you’re using data4.)

This is mixing up “blade detect” and “blade ID”.
Blade detect needs no resistor, but it’s a completely separate wire from everything else. That would connect to a free pad on the proffieboard, and the other end would connect to the BD pin on the pogo pin board, and that’s it.

Blade ID uses a resistor in the blade, between the data pin and the - pad. It uses the data line to do the identification. Up until recently blade ID could not be used while data was being transmitted, so it only happened at boot. Blade Detect would let you trigger a new blade ID check when the blade was inserted or removed.

However, in 7.x we added a way for ProffieOS to create a little pause in the data to do the blade ID a few times per second, and that can be used to detect if a blade is present or not, so with that change, blade ID can basically do the same function as blade detect, and that of course adds to the confusion…

Man, thank you so much. I been racking my brain trying to figure out where I went wrong in the config lol.

Ok so i’m so close. i added the wire and now have true blade detect only issue is with the blade out i have cannot do anything with saber, no buttons. with blade in everything works perfect.

man, i don’t know how i did it but i fixed it. Thanks again , you guys are the best!!!

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