BC's Liquid Static Blast - Possible Addition to OS7 Library?

@NoSloppy 's Liquid Static blade style is very cool, and the real stand out to me and folks I’ve shown it to is the residual color during blast effects.

It’s so good I was wondering if it could make it’s way into the OS7 style builder/library? Or maybe it’s there and I don’t know how to get at it?

I’d like to reuse it often and I think other users would enjoy it.

Not familiar, but should be possible long term. After Beta is completed I first have to convert all existing styles to OS7, then I will look at adding new capabilities and then I’ll look at converting some external styles like Greyscale, etc. to a format compatible with the library scripts. It’ll take some time though as there’s a lot on my plate currently.


It’s a layered impact point.
The whole blast looks like this:

Layers< TransitionEffectL<TrConcat<
        // Impact Flash
        // Waves
        // Impact point afterimage
        // Impact point

Gotcha, I’d do it a little differently to make it more efficient, but seems straightforward. When I get to that point I’ll add.


Awesome to see this is on your plate since this exact topic came up the other day. I can’t wait.