Arduino error

i had to reinstall averything on my laptop due to a program error with my camera. now i am getting this error. i have gone thru all the tutorials again.
Proffie 2.2
Arduuino 1.8.19
MacBook Air Ventura OS

The error isn’t showing in your post.

I posted a Pastebin link

This error usually means that the arduino-proffieboard plugin isn’t installed properly.
Please try re-installing it.

If that doesn’t help, then maybe there is some anti-virus program interferring?

BTW. I’m using the basic generic config

That’s not going to matter yet, you need to do this first:

i have the same info that you

update. I fixed one thing but know i have more info on the error.

sending it via pastebin

did you uninstall the plugin, then reinstall it?

My friend…I have done everything. Installed Rosetta and Rosetta 2. Started with an older version of Arduino for Mac. Also proffie 6. So far the only thing I have been able to find is that whatever ii is maybe that I need to debug arduino

But have you re-installed the arduino-proffieboard plugin?
Go into the arduino board manager, find the proffieboard plugin and uninstall it. Then install the latest version and see if it works better.

I have done that a dozen times.

So does this file exist on your computer?


I wrote the code you gave me in the “additional board” and it didn’t recognize it. Proffie was not being displayed in the boards manager.

That’s not an URL for the board manager.
It’s a filename. The error you pasted previously lists this file with a “file not found” error. However, there are several ways which that could happen. The simplest one would be if the file just doesn’t exist, which is what I’m asking you to check.

You want me to check through terminal?

Yes, do you know how?

I could try

You should uninstall thoroughly.
Open Arduino Preferences and click on the link to the preferences.txt file in the Arduino15 folder.

Quit Arduino, then delete the entire Arduino15 folder.
Then re-open Arduino, go back into preferences and make sure you have this in the Additional Boards URL:
Click OK to close preferences.
Goto Tools>Menu>Board>Boards Manager. Search “proffie” in the search bar.
Install 3.6.0 version of the plugin.

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update: i have done all of the possibilities given to me within and outside the forum to no avail. i checked for viruses and warms…all clean. downloaded an app that deletes apps. next step will be probably restore my OS to January 2024. Maybe that will restore whatever is that arduino and proffie is missing. can some one check the config that im using. one blade, one kill switch, two tactile buttons, no blade detection.
thanks amigos