Arduino error

Ok, so you fixed the plug-in issue it seems?
Now you have a simple typo error.

Your config is named proffie_basicinstall.h and it’s inside your ProffieOS/config folder right?

You are missing “config/” from the path.
change your line from
#define CONFIG_FILE "proffie_basicinstall.h"
#define CONFIG_FILE "config/proffie_basicinstall.h"

does the config compiles on yours?

It’s saying it can’t find that file where you told it to look. That’s what “No such file or directory” means.
So that means you do not have the file in your ProffieOS/config folder, or it’s not spelled the same way . That could mean you named it .h, but you have “show file extensions” turned off in windows explorer, so it already had a .h extension and you just can’t see it, so now the file is named proffie_basicinstall.h.h
which is not the filename you specified.

One thing that makes this difficult is you should not be posting screenshots of text that can be copied and pasted (like your errors).
However, while it’s possible to list the contents of your ProffieOS/config folder via terminal and then copy and paste that here, it is easier to take a picture of it.

Long story short, you have to have your config file in the right place.

im on a MAC.

ok this is a public thread, not a DM.
Being on a Mac only makes things easier honestly, so no hidden file name extensions, that’s good.
But the question is still pending…
Do you have a file located at ProffieOS/config/proffie_basicinstall.h?

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Thanks to NoSloppy we figured it outside the forum due to follow the rules. Any way, My OS folder had a hidden space and the arduino app was not in the application folder. once i placed it in the folde and renamed carefully the folder…every thhing started working again.
thank you
i owe you a coffee