3D printer - What have you got?

hey everyone i wanted to start a small discussion to find out what people have got and what they find works for different jobs.

as you know i have been working on a total custom saber for myself.
i’ve posted some of my designs and it has slowly evolved over time and i’ve been printing them out on my Ender 3 V2 to play with.

i’ve been working on yet another crystal chamber and it has quite a number of intricate parts… so intricate that my Ender seems to be out done by my imagination.

i’ve been contemplating getting into SLA resin printing.
there seems to be quite a number of reasonable ones for about 150 quid but wanted to know if anyone has experience with these and any recommendations.

from what i can see a 2K resolution printer should meet my requirement for the level of detail i’m looking for. (i was looking primarily at this)

any help is always appreciated.

I picked up an Anycubic Photon Mono and it rocks. I started with the non-mono RGB version and it was painfully slow. What was a 14 second exposure/later is now 1.6 seconds with the mono!
Astounding detail man.

I recommend Lychee slicer too. Very good and great support thought discord and Facebook.

Yes the saber stand is waaay too small LOL

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wow, that look awesome!
this is exactly why i’m thinking i need one of these!
looks like you’ve had lots of fun with this lot!

My first 3d printer: (August 10th 2012)
Google Photos


Goodness, thought this was a rated X SciFi movie gone amok! WOWSA. As to the OP, I don’t have one yet, but I’d like to get one. Seems complicated.

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@MegtoothSith . Simple as could be

Is that thing above your FO saber photo just a test model or are you printing some cool greeblies?

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My friend has a heavily upgraded Ender 3 and loves it. He printed all the new parts he could find and replaced the mainboard/motor and added a touch screen.

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just about to recieve my latest upgrades too, extra z axis and the the microswiss direct drive and hot end.

I have a Prusa MK3s+ which is an absolute workhorse, jobs complete every time. I also got a Anycubis Mono X which is surprisingly good, and resin wasnt 1/2 the nightmare I had worked it up to be, the Mono X just keeps completing jobs, and its amazing.

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WAY more simple / easy VS FDM. I didn’t think so but man, its SO easy.

It’s just a calibration print

I don’t have one yet but I’m hoping to get one. Karina, my wife, has a merch business and I’m trying to convince her that a 3d printer could be advantageous for our business. and to get a Resin printer. been looking at Anycubic for ages. she pretty said If I do get a 3d printer she’ll set a budget of a few grand. that’s enough for a mid-range to high resin printer which would be great.

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My second 3d printer, January 2016 (still incomplete):
Google Photos
(All the yellow parts were printed on my first 3d printer above…)


I always saw it as strangely ironic.
I used my printer to print parts to upgrade the printer🤣

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I had a look at the anycubic and it looked very good.
But I went for the creality LD 002H in the end.
Slightly larger print area (just) and has a 2k mono lcd so should give a nice print. But I couldn’t argue at the price as it’s on deal direct from creality.

What types of resins have you used that you know work well as it’s a bit of a new area for me and the choice is… well… abundant would be an understatement.

I was looking at a water washable resin from phrozen as it has good reviews.

Personally have only used Anycubic Clear and grey so far.
Water washable is tempting if it works because the only drawback to resin is the cleanup with IPA or mean green, although it’s really no big deal.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Mean grean is a lot less volatile than IPA, much easier to deal with IMHO.

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