Zadig driver

Hello, I recently acquired a proffie saber and I’m having trouble with zadig. I will try to replace the original driver with the new winusb driver and it will say that the driver has installed successfully but the left box indicating the original driver is still the same and not matching the new driver box. Is there any waqy to fix this issue?

What version of windows are you using?
What driver does it say on the left side?

Windows 10 pro, and the original driver is GuiSTDFUDev (v6.7.9.0)

You have a guillemont driver for a joystick, racing- or flight-controller hogging the STM32 bootloader device. I think you need to uninstall that driver for zadig to work properly for the proffieboard.

I’m sorry, I’m newish to proffie. How would I go about uninstalling and re-installing that driver

You would go to add/remove software in windows, find the right driver, then uninstall it.

Okay I’ll try it when I get home, thanks!

I want to device manager and I see com port 1 and usb serial. Neither of those have the driver that I’m looking for. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Well I find that driver, deleted it, zadig did match so I replaced the driver, then it went right neck to the original driver.

There is however, an option to update the drive to a WinUsb device but I get an error message saying that it could potentially Kill my pc entirely.