X/Y/Z smoothswing motion detect

This has been discussed before, but I’m insistant it makes sense. I was rewatching TFA with my kids and noticed that there was swing sounds when both lightsabers are moved in the x/y/z hilt directions

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Are you talking about translation? (Moving the hilt without rotating it) or something else?

So a stabbing motion would activate a swing sound, for example.basically, moving the board on the flat x/y/z planes.

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Yes, that’s what I was talking about for a long time now! Because that’s how lightsabers would sound in reality because plasma blade is still moving through the air in straight directional axis without rotation.

Yes exactly.

I have tried to implement translation, but it didn’t work well. I might have another go at some point. Its tricky to get it right though.

Are we talking something like force push but in all directions? Sounds tough.

I’m also very interested. I’d like to implement a proffie prop to play sounds at least in the forward and backward directions, to use on a bike to make noise and lights during acceleration and deceleration. I thought to base it on the thermal detonator prop but it appears to disable swing motions.

Acceleration and deceleration is generally the same thing, and in a lightsaber it’s difficult to tell them apart.

On a bicycle however, things might be significantly easier, because bicycles don’t generally accelerate backwards very fast… So if you know which direction is which, you can easily assume that acceleration one way means speeding up and acceleration the other way means slowing down.

The thing that is disabled in the detonator prop is gyroscope measurements. They measure the rotation of the board around X/Y/Z axis. If your bicycle is rotating (other than the wheels) then you may have a problem.

You’re right I’m probably over complicating things. Thanks for the insight!