X Y Z axis and monitor output

I’m pretty sure that mon clash is showing Y X Z. Is that correct?
ACCEL: {0.04, -0.13, 0.98}

Yes, that is correct.

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Any good math to convert to degrees?

  • Edit * meh. a difference of 10 over the course of 90 degrees is prob negligible.
    Good ol’ cross multiply to find x where x is ACCEL value
    \frac {x}{45} * \frac {1.00}{90} = 0.50

You sure you don’t want the gyro data?
What are you trying to do?

Oh just trying to use the sensor reading to set an orientation angle in an angled install.

Then make sure that one of them is zero (X I think).
Then do atan (Y / Z)
Depending on your calculator you may need to multiply by 180 / \pi to get degrees.

Cool, thanks.

What’s the command for gyro info?
Asking for a friend.
mon fusor or something similar?

mon gyro or monitor gyro according to:

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