Wrong sounds in VoicePack F

Hey there,

I wanted to say that there is an issue with voicepack F where the number sounds are not all correct (6-9 in numbers and some of the higher ones as well).
I haven’t checked more than that but maybe there is a way to check the rest as well?

What language? English?

Fixed. Here’s the link

WIll try to update my download page later today.

Hmm, I’m confused.
After I removed all the mac-junk, this zip file became 100% identical to the one that is already on my site. So what was fixed?

Never mind, I was doing the comparison wrong! :slight_smile:

My site should be updated now.

sorry for the reference files. I forget those get added to zips.
The audio on mnum 6-9 was 9-6. same for 16-19. Weird.
Just happened in batch renaming I guess. I suppose I should check the others !
edit The rest are ok.

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