Works on paper and in Style editor. Not on saber

So this is what I was trying.
A TrWave inside a TransitionEffectLoopL that with each loop, increases then decreases it’s repetition time while keeping constant speed, by using Trigger on the Fade time.
The loop is set for LOCKUP_NORMAL so it only shows then, and the Trigger is set off by LOCKUP_BEGIN.
This all works beautifully in my head and in the Editor, but on the saber the wave never changes from it’s resting lower limit.
I’d love to have this working, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t. Thoughts?

Here’s the layer:

It seems like this should work.
I looked through the code to see if I could find a reason why it doesn’t work, but nothing stuck out so far. What prop file are you using? I wonder if maybe the prop file is somehow messing up the EVENT_LOCKUP_BEGIN.

Well today it’s just working… crisis averted. No idea. Thanks.