Wish List

In NO WAY am I complaining, because what would my saber be without Fett’s styles? (I have a CFX…I know)

This is just something would make it easier to optimize some of the blades I build.

  1. Change color on spark tip in Preveiw/Enhancements

  2. Add multiple layers of rain/sparkles with color change option in Preview/Enhancements

And I can obviously do this in the editor, I’m just starting to get miserly with space the more I learn. I’m assuming anything you add/change in the editor cuts down on optimization?

And I 100% blame Meaty Smurf for talking me into a Shtok V3 and these sub blades.

Spark Tip uses Ignition Color (IGNITION_COLOR_ARG) which is shared with Power Up Effect, you can already change the color in the Library under the Power Up Effect section when you choose SparkTip Ignition :wink:

Sparkle<> takes up a lot of memory, not sure you’d want to run multiple layers of it, you may have a lot of lag or may freeze the blade if there’s a lot going on. The plan for the OS7 library is to use a few of the new color arguments for things like this but I haven’t got the new interface fully sorted yet but should be possible.
I have a lot of ideas for the OS7 library but we need to get through Beta and then I need to develop some new interfaces to give users an easy way to implement all of the new capabilities so it will take time.

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^That. FWIW even I didn’t know it was changed that way or a couple other options until I asked @Fett263 There’s a bunch of on-the-fly or edit mode pieces that are able to be edited it’s just that we’re still learning all the new possibilities. Once the beta is done and he updates the library etc it’ll all move forwards. Likely faster than we all did with the prior OS versions due to how it’s written and engaged.

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Yes! I should have known. Perfect, and thank you.

I’d be happy with color select only. I think I only used layers on SpongeBob actually. Thank you as always, sir.