Wiring NPXL as accent LED?

So I’m getting ready to solder up my first Proffie install, and I got to wondering: Can I install a pair of negative/positive leads from an NPXL ECO to an LED pad to control it like a blade?

The description for the NPXL Eco:

These are a more affordable and user friendly NPXL PCB. The SMD resistors are pre-assembled onto each PCB. This way a single Data lead controls both blade and on-board connector leds in parallel. Therefore the blade ffects will be matched by the connectors on board LEDs.

Maybe I’m mistaken, and the two pairs of wires are for supplying the ample voltage to both the neopixel pins AND the LEDs in parallel, not separating the circuits on the PCB…idk. Any help on this would be appreciated.

Another question: Does an accent LED illuminated momentary switch also count as a blade in the OS?

This wiring is so a single bladestyle will light up both. You run data to the D2 pad instead of D1 which goes directly to the data pin and the blade itself. Basically, the connector LEDs will behave the same as the first few pixels in the blade.

Also, you can use a single POS/NEG wire if it’s 22AWG. Just need to bridge two LED pads on the board and run the NEG wire from one of them.

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That makes sense, thanks.
Do you know if I can wire an illuminated momentary switch from 3.3v to an LED 1-6 pad to get effects from it? Otherwise it looks like the diagram shows it being wired between 3.3v pad and ground, which I’m assuming is just a stable light without flicker, etc.

You can but the OS is going to drive it based on battery level, so wiring it to battery instead of 3.3V is prob best. But 3.3V works.

Correct. LED will be on solid whenever there’s power.