Wiring Diagram check for Flagship Build

I’ve decided to tackle my first Proffie build. I’ve put together this wiring diagram just looking for some thoughts on how I plan on wiring for the great minds on here. I plan on using a Proffie 3.9 board ,Shtok V3 with the V2 wiring with blade and pcb in parallel.

I’d appreciate any thoughts/advice.

Thank you!!!

If you are using 22awg for the PCB, you don’t need two. You can get away with a single for both + & -. The positive going to the board doesn’t need to be a 22 either, I usually use 28awg . If you have 30awg, you can use that for the switch, speaker and data lines.

I know the load needs to be split between the two mosfets on pad 2 & 3 that’s why I ran the two wires. Are all the paths good?

Yeah, paths are fine. You can bridge the two pads and use the one wire. Or use two, it’s your prerogative. Less wires tends to be easier to manage. But you do you.

Great thank you! For the in parallel blade and PCB, do I code the config as if it’s straight to neopixel and it treats the 16 leds on the PCB as the first 16 on the blade? I plan on a Shtok v3.

You would just have the one style per preset, assuming there are no blinkies, and both the PCB and blade will do the same thing. If you want to program the PCB separately you would do it in series (v3) or independently (v4).

Awesome thank you so much. Sorry for my ignorance what do you mean blinkies? Like an addition accent led or something?

Yeah, any other accent LEDs, like a crystal chamber.

I appreciate the help thanks!

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switch lead can be 30, 22 is too beefy for a switch.

The battery negative and the switch GND needs to switch pads.
Otherwise you might burn the bridge between them.

Thanks Fredrik, so put the switch ground to the pad labeled ground (sorry my oversight). Is all the rest of my wiring good?

Thank you!!!

Thanks Megtooth, huge YouTube fan, your megtooth live installs have helped me plan this build!!!

So 30 for the switch to ground? Or the switch to button 1 pad? Or both? I tried to use your recommendations in your videos for gauges but I’m sure I made some mistakes. what are your recommendations for the gauges? 22 for battery to board and PCB right?

Thank you!!!

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30 for both switch leads, make your life easy! TY for youtube sub!!

The switch ground can be hooked up to any of the GND pads, or one of the BATT- pads, or the - end of the battery itself. Any of those will work because there is very little current involved, so it kind of doesn’t matter.

Fantastic, thank you sir!