Wiring clamp card as touch button

I’m working on an Obi-Wan inspired build. The clamp card I would like to use doesn’t have any room to wiggle in the clamp, so a switch holder inside the clamp won’t really work. I could drill a couple of holes for microtac switches, but I came across the idea of turning a clamp card into a touch button on Fredrik’s website. He doesn’t go into much detail beyond soldering a wire to the card and wrapping it in packing tape to insulate it.

Has anyone else done something like this? The card I have is a slothfurnace ROTS card.

Does this help?

One thing to look out for is that most clamp cards are just made to look good. To make a touch button, you need a clamp card where the pads are actually connected together.

I understand it from a software perspective, but I have no idea where to start from a soldering a wire to a board perspective. :sweat_smile:

It’s only one wire, how hard can it be? :slight_smile:

It would help if you could put your question in the form of a question though.

Hahaha, fair enough. In the image on your website, you soldered the wire to the back of the ESB style card. Did you buy a card with the solder point there, or did you add it? If you added it, how?

I can solder together wires and components all day long, but I’m never modified a board like that.

It came like that. It’s part of what inspired me to implement touch buttons in the first place.

Modifying a PCBs is not really possible, if your clamp card doesn’t support touch buttons, get a new one.

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Do you have a recommended source for clamp cards? I have 3 builds that need one… but not many places seem to carry them. I found one on kr/saber armory and one on shadowfoil… but none were touch capable.

Thanks in advance.

I think the undisputed clamp card king is slothfurnace: