Wiring Check

Hi everybody. First time posting and first time using a proffie. Yay! So, I’ve got everything ready to wire up but I figured it might be a good idea to have somebody look over the pins I’m using first. Just in case something might cause an issue. Here’s how I’ve got everything.

Blade - LED 3 (18) + LED 2 (19), Data 1 (16)

Crystal Chamber NPX - LED4 (10), Data 2 (1)

Green LED - Negative to LED 5 (5) Positive to Battery with resistor

Red LED - Negative to LED 6 (6) Positive to battery with resistor

OLED - wired according to schematic

It’s a Creepy Uncle build if that helps. Thanks for any and all help. Now it’s time to try to figure out how to program it so I’m sure I’ll be asking quite a few more questions.

Assuming your resistors are reasonable, this should all be fine.

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