Wiring advice for 4 buttons on proffie v2.2

hi all, im putting together a hilt that supports 4 different buttons and looking for advice. will be using a v2.2 board.

im not sure which buttons i want my for power and aux set up so want to keep my options open when wiring it up so keen to have all 4 buttons wired independently so i can then adjust in config which buttons do what.

i know there are 3 default button pins on the board, are there any specific pins i should use for the 4th button or can i use any of the spare data pins and define it as the pin for my button?

so far only using data1 for blade and data2 for blade detect and not using bluetooth or an oled screen so those pins all free.


You can assign them any way you want in the CONFIG_BUTTONS section of your config file.

awesome thanks for that.

Curious why 4 buttons?

dookus “the turn” from JSJ it has 2 buttons mid way up the hilt plus a two way switch near the pommel.

i did consider just wiring buttons in parallel so i had 2 each to the button 1 and 2 pins but was keen to see if i could wire it in a way to keep my options open on which ones i want for power and aux.

Interesting, that makes sense, thanks!