Windows (Proffieboard) driver help

If the board is running ProffieOS fine, but no STM32BOOTLOADER driver has been installed with Zadig yet, shouldn’t the board show up under Tools>Port?
Or at least, shouldn’t the computer recognize a device and install the drivers for Proffieboard?
Can that be done manually? My brain says to “scan for hardware changes” in Device Manager, then the computer should pop up New Device found, installing Drivers for ‘Proffieboard’…but apparently that’s not happening.
Got a board with the boot button mashed off and would like to just be able to do RebootDFU then use Zadig.
But Port is always greyed out.
Even the Wiki says it’s a maybe situation.

Can the computer see the board at all?

No not that I can see. And multiple boards as well. Windows 11. Nothing in devices and printers, nothing in device manager. No ding, no popup…nothing.
Going to try on a Win 10 machine next because it’s an option.

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This is why I’m daily driving Linux manjaro

Oh it’s definitely not my computer running windows. And it’s certainly not my board with a mashed boot button.

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