Why will my blade style not let me modify it?

Good luck.
Please not that if the problem is RAM usage, then it’s like a straw-that-broke-the-camels-back kind of thing. Basically, it’s the sum total of everything that makes it not work, not the last thing you changed.

Ok, good to know. What are the biggest users of RAM?

I’m only running a singleKR V2 pixel blade, and 4 blade styles. (2 Fett rotoscoped, 1 Kylo/unstable, and one 2 color flicker) with the Fett prop file. No edit mode.

Blade styles use RAM when in use. When a preset is activated, RAM is allocated for all the styles in that preset, and it is freed when switching to a different preset.

Normally, each part of a style takes up a few bytes. A style that is made up of hundreds of parts might take a kilobyte or two of RAM. However, there are a few notable exceptions: fire and sparkle. These styles allocate two bytes of RAM per pixel, and it is not recommended to have too many of them in the same style, or in the same preset.

There is a serial monitor command malloc which can tell you how much RAM memory is allocated. (Note that DISABLE_DIAGNOSTIC_COMMANDS will disable this command.)