Which resistor should I remove?

Ive got this wired up for independent PCB LEDs and Blade but the blade isn’t getting data. It seems the resistors are in different locations than I’m used to on this PCB. Which Resistor, if either is restricting data to the blade?

The CC pixel illuminates, I have sound, both switches work as intended and the LEDs on the PCB illuminate so everhthing else seems to be working as intended.

Read the instructions that came with your PCB?

Does this help?

Yes, thank you! Going to save that as this PCB did not come with instructions or diagrams.

IMHO, don’t buy PCBs unless you can find instructions before you buy it.

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In this case I had assumed it would be the same make I had previously recieved from that vendor as it wasn’t specified on the product listing. In this case I got a bit far in the assembly before I realized but it was pretty obvious that I had just missed removing one of the resistors but wasn’t clear which one and I wasn’t familiar with the logo and had a hard time finding specs for it.

In any case it works perfectly now and I appreciate those on this forum who have provided me with their expertise on both this and troubleshooting the config. I only end up being able to do this about once a year so previous hurdles don’t always stay fresh.