Where to start


I am familiar with CFX but would like to start learning programming for proffie. What is a good 101 place to start?

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Get a Proffieboard, install it and try it?

That might sound simplistic, but really, that is how most people learn. Installing a proffieboard is not hard, but programming it is a deep topic where this a lot of things you can learn if you want to.

Here is a few reading resources to get you started:
Proffieboard V2 homepage
ProffieOS homepage
ProffieBoard V2 PDF manual, written by Shtokyd
ProffieOS Config file information

Don’t hesitate to ask questions, because it’s not always easy to understand the documentation, and there are too many possible things to document every single thing.

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Hi Wren,

a few of the people on here has youtube channels that I would recommend.

for programming

for wiring.