Where to get BMP files for OLED Proffieboard

I recently received my 2nd custom saber build courtesy from Jeremy [Solo Sabers]. I was looking at the SD card and examine contents within the folders and saw bmp file. Noticed that they were for the OLED display on my chassis. 2 questions to ask, 1). Where could I go to view and get bmp file for the OLED display on my chassis, 2). Can I get some suggestions to ensure I applied the required files, etc to ensure it displays. Thank you.

Your’e welcome to poke around in this folder:

As far as using them, the files just work the same as audio files as far as being read from font folders.

If you really want to go down the rabbit hole:


There’s also a modied CFX version on my website that you’re free to download here: :slight_smile:


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