Where is the resource to make a Proffie Blaster?

I’m trying to make a blaster using the Proffieboard as the sound chip. I’m not trying to do anything fancy, just play the blaster sounds and light an LED when the trigger is pulled. I saw a post from 2021 that mentioned config files and showed names of .wav files for the sound effects. Where is the best resource to get the info/files to make this happen? Any help of course is greatly appreciated.


and read the top comments section of the default blaster prop file here:

The supported sounds are listed here:

This is awesome stuff, thank you. Question, where do I get the .wav files from for the sound effects? Where are the wav files stored? So if I understand correctly I need to upload a config file which includes/references the blaster.h file,? Is there a config file that is often used for blasters?

Thank you so much!

Wavs are usually from a free repository of blaster sounds., I don’t know of any paid blaster fonts.

Google search “blastercore sounds” and/or “blaster sound fonts” and you’ll likely come up with stuff.

Sounds are stored on the SD card just like saber sound fonts.

Config elements you’ll probably want are

// CONFIG_TOP blaster stuff
#define BLASTER_SHOTS_UNTIL_EMPTY 15  // (whatever number)
#define BLASTER_JAM_PERCENTAGE 1     // if not defined, random.


#include "../props/blaster.h"

Then a basic preset might be something like:

{ "Blaster", "tracks/EzraTheme.wav",

and your buttons could be (if 2 buttons)

Button FireButton(BUTTON_FIRE, powerButtonPin, "fire");
Button ModeButton(BUTTON_MODE_SELECT, auxPin, "modeselect");

That should be a good start. Use any other config file for the rest of the framework including the BladeConfig which you’d need to customize based on the wiring .

Awesome, thank you so much! I’m sure all this information will help others as well. :+1:

Maybe someone could write a pod page about how to use the blaster prop?

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