Where do I ask for proffieos feature requests?

Do I ask for proffieOS feature requests here in ‘The Crucible’ (and here in the ProffieOS board)? Or in the ‘Issues’ section of the proffieOS github? Or directly emailing Fredrik?

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Either github, or in the “ProffieOS” category here on The Crucible.
Email is not recommended, my spam filters tends to get in the way if it’s not someone I already know.

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Of course, the best way to request a feature is to write the code for it and submit it as a pull request on github. :slight_smile:

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Whoah, an answer from the man himself! Thank you so much! I’ve have a lot of fun and joy playing with the proffieboard. I took a look at the github project and C scares me :slight_smile: , otherwise I’d give it a go.

Getting an answer from “the man himself” is really as easy as just posting something here on the crucible. I read everything here, and I answer most things.