What's the minimum battery voltage should I expect before my speaker starts to crackle?

I’m experiencing a lot of crackling from the speaker on my Proffie saber once my battery hits 3.6v or so. Is that to be expected or am I getting worse-than-expected performance?

Running a Smuggler’s Outpost 24mm Elite 2w 4ohm speaker in an LGT hilt with the blade at full brightness, speaker at 2200. Doesn’t seem to matter if I use the “SABERSTUDIO” 10A battery my saber came with or the Keep Power 15A battery I bought to have as a second battery.

It’s supposed to work well down until about 3 volts or so.
Some boards have problems with this, but I don’t actually know why.

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Thanks, but also bummer. Guess I’ll replace the board down the line if and when the supply chain sorts itself out.

Wonder if the button LED being soldered to the speaker+ pad has anything to do with it. Guess I’ll try removing that and see if it fixes it. Not sure why LGT has it wired that way honestly.

That is a very weird way to wire it.

RIGHT?? It makes it so the button LED is only on when the sound is on, which is great, but I can’t imagine what it must be doing to the sound circuitry…

You might also try winding down the level in your config a bit. 2200 might be a bit hot for a 2 watt speaker. Try 1700 and see how that sounds.

This is how I used to get a cheap crystal chamber flickering effect when using Nano Biscotte boards.
With all the options available on a Proffieboard, it is a silly choice at this point to still be using that method.

Seems like speakers beginning to crackle at only 3v is a pretty good argument for using 7.4v batteries instead of 3.7v batteries. :confused:

No it isn’t.

Why not? Would it not take longer for a 7.4v battery to drop to 3v than a 3.7?

I don’t want to highjack this thread with unrelated speculations. If you want a serious answer about the pros and cons of 7.4v battery packs, please start a new thread.