What is up with Sabertrio's Proffie configs?

I understand they use universal configs, so it’s not gonna be set-up specifically for my saber, and it does actually work just fine as it came from them…

But I can’t understand some of the things they are adding in there.

What’s up with the blade config and number of blades?

Why the second blade style?

It’s a Senza with the OLED, but no accents, no lit switches, single blade. Also somehow they rigged up blade detection in a way I don’t get either.

If someone could break this down a little I would appreciate it.

Hey Brian! Saw the thread and I’d be happy to assist with clarification regarding our config for you.

The config has 2 blades defined as one is meant to represent the neopixel blade using the first StylePtr in the preset, and the other to represent the illuminated LED switch (if any) using the second. The second blade style is just included as standard for the config, and since you mentioned that you’re using a saber with no illuminated switch, you can remove the second StylePtr from each blade preset without issues.

As for the blade detection, we followed the example in the Proffieboard v2 user manual for neopixel setups, and wired up the neopixel connector to the Data 3 pinout. With #define blade_detect_pin 17, the saber is able to detect if a blade PCB has come into contact with the hilt side connector. A word of caution though: the prop config file you’re using, s3button_config, calls on the blade_detect_pin define to work. If you remove or comment it out you won’t be able to compile the code and flash your saber.

Hope this helps give you a better idea of how it works. If there’s anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here to help. :slight_smile:


That does help thank you very much. I was confusing blade detection and blade ID also.

Wait nevermind. I did mean blade detection. I thought you had to have blade presets for “blade” and “no blade”

In our early proffie configurations, there was a “No Blade” soundfont blade preset that was included. However, we phased that out in favor of the current setup of our builds.

The new setup just checks if a blade is connected to the hilt side pins. If it isn’t, it will just play the sound file “no_blade” inside the common folder when you press the activation switch, to signal that no blade/blade plug is currently attached to the saber.

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Awesome, thank you very much.

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@Brian_Eachus You can always clean up and edit out stuff. From there test it to see if it works the way you like. As long as you use their current version of the ProffieOS at Support Sabertrio you should be good to go. Just save your working config and don’t ever edit that so you always have a pure working copy.

I did this a little over a week ago for a local that only has the standard Vektra. No lit switch, no OLED. It’s just the basics. https://pastebin.com/LbFmL0V7


Yeah that config looks exactly like what I ended up with today. And for sure, I have my redundant config backups tucked away…made that mistake before lol.

I’m new to saber building, just a hobbyist. So far all my builds are simple, functional 2 button setups, with simple, streamlined configs to match. No frills, LEDS, accents, crystals, OLED, Bluetooth or anything. I’m just not there yet.

Getting a saber from someone else with a config that’s so complicated (to me) really made me realize how little I know about Proffie in general.

I greatly appreciate this community for all the help

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All good, we all started somewhere and I’m happy to pass stuff along. Just go at a comfortable pace and feel free to post up if you ever get stuck.

You’re most welcome, and welcome to the art of saber building! We all start from somewhere, Just like what Revo said. :slight_smile:

if you have any questions or if you need any help from us, we’d be more than happy to provide you with assistance as well.