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My backup failed, turns out that ext4 files can’t be larger than 16Tb…

oh no, any loss? or primary was never compromised.

It’s fine, I just have to re-do the backup. (With an extra step that splits up the tar file into smaller chunks.)

My current backup scheme is to plug two drives into an USB dock, raid them together into one volume then tar my whole server onto it. (Takes 2 days.)
The drives are stored in a fire-proof safe and rotated. (I have three sets) I usually do a backup every 1-2 weeks.

I’m really looking forward to the day when flash storage becomes cheaper than rotating disks… In theory, my backups could be done in less than an hour at full m.2 speed. (Although, when that day comes, I’ll probably have enough storage that it will still be slow.

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Intense and informative. My home backup is going in the safe. Why did I not think of that…

Foolish as it may be, I use local backup drive always connected, and then a redundant cloud service backblaze.com.

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I would have to pay $114/month if I used backblaze.
The hard drives I buy for backup might cost a similar amount in the long run, but it gives me more space, and I can also swap those drives into my file server if any of the drives in there die. (Or if I need more space.)

The drives in my file server use raid6 to protect against drive failures.
I’ve started using my old sata ssds as a cache for my file server, which speeds it up a fair amount. I thought they would wear out pretty quickly, but in spite of my best efforts, the TBW isn’t anywhere near the guaranteed TBW yet.