Welcome to The Crucible

Welcome to the Crucible, a community of makers. This forum was created to discuss electronics, coding, machining, 3d printing, prop making and just about anything else makers do.


@profezzorn :smiley: This gonna be fun and interesting. Thx for letting us know.

Cheers! Thanks for making this forum for us! I’m looking forward to being involved. Anyone who has any installation or coding related questions, feel free to message me.


Thank you Profezzorn for making this forum that will hopefully be more ban proof for some of our creative users! I’m looking forward to see contributions from some members that have been missing for awhile. I’m glad to have a forum for evolution of the ProffieOS, and Proffieboard.

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All I have to say is… @profezzorn: THANK YOU. I am SO happy we have the Crucible now. Expect to see me more often again.

I look forward to gaining knowledge and interacting with the community. The Crucible provides the perfect forum to do just that. Thank you

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