Weird Error Message on Arduino

I’m following his “Updating Your Proffieboard” page, and I am getting a weird error mesage. Linked below are my config and error message.

Usually this gets fixed by just reinstalling the Arduino Proffieboard plugin under ment Tools>Board>Boards Manager.
Search for Proffie.
Install version 3.6.0.
If not, you may need to do a more thorough job by first deleting the Arduino15/packages folder.
A link to that is at the bottom of Arduino Preferences, beneath the Additional Boards URL field.

That worked, it’s not giving me that error anymore, but now it’s giving me this one:

Sorry, I’m new to this.

So you’re using a Sabertrio config file, which means that they expect you to use their prop file (button controls).
Their version of the OS should come with that already copied to where it needs to be (in ProffieOS/props folder).
If you’re trying to use an official ProffiOS with that config, you’re going to have these silly issues because S3 did things weird.
You can either go to them for support on it, or learn how things work enough that you can just navigate around on your own without their proprietary files.
TL;DR The community can’t support S3 customers who are having issues due to the way they operate with ProffieOS (customized, not following open Source)

Look on the SD card for that file it says is missing (s3button_config.h).
Copy it to your props folder.
Tell Sabertrio they are making things confusing for users.

Oh they absolutely made it more difficult than it had to be. Thank you so much, I think I can fix my issues now. I’ll probably keep this thread updated, but I can’t fix it right now because my saber slipped and broke the micro usb connector off the board. Hopefully their warranty will cover it. If not I’m sure my robotics nerd friend can help. Thanks for the help NoSloppy.

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