WebUSB workbench issue: Stuck on "Waiting to list presets..."

Been having this issue lately where the workbench is stuck on “Waiting to list presets…”. The Tracks load fine. Removing the preset file works fine for the first reload but then hangs up again upon a second reload after it re-creates a base preset.ini file. Likewise, copying a known working preset will work the first time and hang up the next time despite not doing anything to it. In serial monitor, I can list presets fine and run all commands there.

ProffieOS 7.10
v3.9 board
Windows 10 and 11
Chrome 118.0.5993.88
sdtest results:
Time to open files: Average time: 2757.65 us
Time to read blocks: Average speed: 1609.47 kb/s, 17.11 simultaneous audio streams.

Tried another hilt. Same thing though on first try, it’s slooooooow as molasses switching presets and editing, board status led stays solid for a good long time before it returns to blinking. Reloading hilt gives same “waiting to list presets” for more than an hour issue.

Are there any errors in the javascript console in chrome?

None, other than one unrelated error coming off my Ad-blocker (which I disabled to try again but still has the same issues after disabling).

Unfortunately I don’t have a clue here, it seems to work for me, and I’m not sure what is different in your setup.

I guess whatever Chrome did in their most recent update fixed things a bit but still really laggy. Was it possibly corrupting the txt file?

Noticed I added some extra ALT_COLOR_ARG 6-10 arguments in one config, would that have an impact?

I don’t think so.