Webusb tutorial

I’ve started working on a webusb tutorial for proffieos.
The idea is to direct users who bought a pre-installed proffie to this tutorial first, and if they are happy with it they won’t need to worry about any of the programming stuff.



Thank you very much for that. I know this has been there the whole time, but I never really thought of how it can edit so easily. In my mind it was just remote control. This is gold for referring people to in the future!
Interesting observation: the interface shows presets start at “one” as opposed to zero…which is what presets.ini uses, so does it actually virtually shift by +1 for the GUI?

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“one” and “two” are just the names of the presets. (The argument after the styles in the preset array.)

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Maybe the note "Make sure your board was programmed with WebUSB support. (Webusb was selected in Arduino->Tools->Usb type) should be moved up top as part of the setup?

Maybe, but since this tutorial is meant for people who bought a hilt with a proffie already in it, that might not make much sense to them.

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Hi, i try to use in local (off line) but it makes error whit the service workes…it’s possible to fix it whit a local host?

I don’t think it can run from localhost. Webusb requires a secure domain and localhost doesn’t count.

The easy way to run it offline it is to install it.
Here is how: Use Progressive Web Apps - Android - Google Chrome Help