Web Programmer Got Stuck Compiling Now Board Won't Enter Bootloader

As the title says I pasted my config into the web programmer, put the board in bootloader and hit program. Page got stuck compiling and never completed, no error messages or anything either. Now when I try to restart the process the board will not reset into bootloader mode.

Seems to have solved itself after a full refresh and a couple fresh attempts.

Well I got it to reset into bootloader but it still seems to get stuck compiling.

Here’s the config: Lazer Cere config 01-09-2024 - Pastebin.com

When you say stuck compiling, do you mean the process just freezes? does it say anything in the console of Arduino? You can go into preferences and turn on verbosity for verifying/uploading. That way you’ll have printouts for all the preprocessor and plug in activity, not just a progress bar.

I’m using the browser interface on the Proffie site as I don’t have access to Arduino at the moment. It just sits on “Please wait, compiling” and never progresses. I’ve left it for quite some time in this state.

Not sure why it’s just sitting there, but it looks like your config file failed to compile.
Note that the web programmer does not show what the error messages are. It is meant to be used with config files that work. (Like those generated by the configuration generator.)

I got the same result using the generated config as I did this one.